How to Write a Business Proposal


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"This is great.... You do such a good job at designing these things. " -- Shawn Augustson, Booklocker
"Sounds interesting. Can you give me something in writing?" How to Write a Business Proposal eBook.

Do those words make you cringe?

Do you whimper when you receive an invitation to bid on a lucrative contract?

If you know you'd do a great job if you had the chance, but writing the business proposal is holding you back, then this eBook is for you.

You already know the importance of writing good Business Proposals. The art of proposal writing is a skill you can't do without.

How to Write a Business Proposal -- the eBook explains the procedure of writing a business proposal from start to finish.

This 47-page eBook is a companion to my best-selling guide, "Write A Proposal That Gets Results." The two products can be used alone or as a set. This eBook contains more information and more examples, while the other is a guide that you can use to create your proposal.The latter can be saved as a template in MS Word.

The eBook's Table of Contents

  1. When Do You Need a Proposal?
  2. The Goal of a Proposal
  3. Support Documents
  4. Two Line Summary
  5. Writing Tips
  6. Main Components of a Proposal
  7. The Two Most Important Sections
  8. The Title Page
  9. The Table of Contents Page
  10. The Executive Summary
  11. The Body of the Proposal
  12. The Budget
  13. Preferred Payment Schedule
  14. The Appendix
  15. The Cover Letter
  16. Assembly
  17. Submitting on Time

This eBook is a fully searchable,interactive multimedia software application that runs on Windows computers. It is an executable .exe file.


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"... I bought your proposal program a few weeks ago and used it to develop a proposal that was well received. Now I'm preparing another one... I found that the sample proposal was invaluable in developing my own... " (


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