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Does it Take a Crook to Catch a Crook?
Do reformed hackers make the best IT security people? The answer to that question varies depending on whom you ask. The debate hinges around whether reformed hackers are best qualified to protect your computer systems or whether those with formal training are better choices.
Make Your Small Office/Home Office e-Green
Save the planet, save money, create a healtier work environment! It's easier than you think to use your electronic equipment in an environmentally friendly manner.
Tips for Writing a Business Proposal
Eleven tips for making your proposals effective.
To Your Credit
A credit manager) offers tips for developing a credit policy to help protect you from business losses.
Ten Tips for Building an Ecommerce Web Site
Ten elements of site design that will encourage your customers to stay and shop.
Don't Gimme No Solutions
Humorous "rant" about marketing jargon that confuses rather than communicates.
The Creative Entrepreneur
It's not just artists who are creative. This article suggests four ways for entrepreneurs to improve their creativity.
I Couldn't Live Without It
Tongue-in-cheek opinion piece on the questionable use of testimonials in marketing materials.
E-mail Signatures That Work
Article demonstrates how to write an e-mail signature that doubles as an advertisement.
After the SNAFU
Doing damage control when the storm is over. Only helpful to business people who acknowledge they make mistakes. :-)
The Two Sentence Advantage
Stand out from the crowd by explaining your business in two succinct sentences. Humorous tone.
The Dark Side of Networking .
Humorous description of a networking event that somehow went wrong.
The Psychology of Color in Marketing Materials
An overview of how color affects mood and behavior, with implications for the design of brochures, websites and other marketing materials.
Eleven Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Disability Insurance
If you need to collect on your disabiity insurance, you don't want unpleasant surprises regarding your coverage.This article covers the key qualities of a good policy.
Contracts Demystified
Explains the basic elements of a business contract. Understanding the language and the components is vital.
The Odd Couple: In Business and in Love
What do you do if you're a Felix partned with an Oscar? Tips for appreciating the difference and making it work.
Computer Injury: No Laughing Matter
Learn how to protect yourself from computer-related disorders and conditions. Practise safe computing.
Marketing Scams and Hype: Just Say No.
Articles discusses the hype used in online marketing, and asks whether "too much is too much".
Files, Files, Files
Newbies' guide to the various file formats that are found on the Internet. Understand files and get in on all the great downloads!
Getting Ready for a Media Interview
Tips for preparing for a media interview.Learn how to get your main message across.
Business Plan or Business Proposal? Which do you need.
Know the difference between these two important business documents.
5 Steps to Strategic Planning
Explains the main steps to developing a strategic plan.
Need Help? Contract or Hire.
Issues to consider.
Six Ways to Be Responsible to Your Business
The title says it all.
Is Somebody Distributing Your Content Illegally?
An understanding of FTP protocols can prevent you from making false accustations.
Tips for Effective Telephone Use
Create positive impressions with your clients by using the phone effectively.
Building Business Growth
Four ways to make your business grow and develop if you're past the startup stage.
Online Guide to Public Records
If its a matter of public record in the US, the information you want is available online.
Picture a Digital Camera in Your Business Inventory
Discusses basic issues regarding digital photography.
Are you an Entrepreneur or Self-Employed? Entrepreneurs know how to make their business grow. The self-employed work the same as ever except they work for themselves.
Help! There's an Intruder in my Computer
Do you know that hackers across the globe can take control of your home computer via your Internet connection? This article discusses how they do it and what you can do to stop them.
Eliminate the Guesswork with Ad-Tracking Software
When the gurus ask you if you test your marketing campaigns, do you mumble, blush and change the subject? No need to hang your head if you've discovered ad-tracking software.
Things Ezine Publishers Want Their Subscribers to Know
How to subscribe, how to unsubscribe, why advertisements are necessary, when its not spam, etc.
Tips for Designing an Employee Policy Manual
The Employee Policy Manual is an essential management tool that communicates your rules and expectations to employees.
Product Reviews: Netbreakthroughs vs Make A Living Online
Two marketing packages by two prominent Internet gurus. Compare the two and decide on which works for you.
10 Ways to Kick Start Your Cash Flow
Strategies for increasing your operating capital.
Good Morning, Costa Rica or Originality Counts
Articles discusses the importance of original thinking for business persons and entrepreneurs.
Develop Workshops and Promote Your Business
How to develop workshops that allow you to generate income while promoting your business.
Going Postal: Not a Bad Idea
Your Postal Service has lots of help for small businesses.
6 Surefire Ways to Botch Your Media Interview
Article tells you what not to do when providing an interview to the media.
10 Tips for Researching a Franchise Operation
Things to find out before investing in a franchised business.
10 Tips for Hassle-Free Business Travel
10 ways to reduce stress while traveling for business.
Need Help? Consider an Intern
Questions and answers about setting up a successful internship program. Get an extra set of hands for your workplace while helping a student at the same time.
Lessons Learned After Five Years in Business
Musings on what I've learned as my business hits its five year anniversary.
Tips for Designing a Home Office
Offers tips for designing an effective and comfortable home office.
7 Questions to Ask During a Job Recruitment Interview
The best time to screen out unsuitable employees is before you hire them.
Tips for Reducing Shipping Costs
As any business person knows, order fulfillment can make a substantial dent in your profits. Ten ways to reduce shipping costs and streamline your shipping operations.
Email Overload -- Coping Strategies
This one is written by Terry Johnson and reprinted here with his permission. If you're up to your eyeballs in email, you need to read this article!
Attract Media Coverage Without Spending Advertising $$
Eleven ways to attract media coverage without spending a fortune.
5 Approaches to Order Fulfillment
Now you've made a sale, how do you deliver the product to the customer?
Setting up an Internet Business? Consider Drop Shipping
If you don't have your own products, and if you want more control and better profits than you find in affiliate programs, drop shipping might be for you.
What's That You Say?
If you don't know your CPM from your CTR, this is the article for you. Jargon defined!
Deliver Profits with Direct Mail
If you are in business, you might want to consider using direct mail to find new customers or drum up more business from your existing ones.
The Business Meeting
If you're in business, you've suffered through your share of unproductive meetings. Sometimes you've just gotta laugh!
Text vs Pictures: Shedding Light on the Debate
At last. Concrete research evidence supporting the importance of text on a web site.
Customer Service: Beyond Company Policy
Some aspects of customer service just can't be addressed by a company policy. There's that intangibe "good ol' common sense."
A Feasibility Study and You: A Dynamic Duo
Gear for success by doing a feasibility study prior to starting your new business.
What Do They Search For?
What do people search for when they go online? This article summarizes a recent study that answers that question, and a whole lot more.
How to Write an Effective Letter of Complaint
Get the results you want by writing effectively. Article contains a sample letter.
Tips for Good Business Writing
You can learn to write business documents that contribute substantially to your business' success.
Outsourcing: A Viable Option
Thanks to the Internet, business owners can outsource sundry business operations to a worldwide labor pool.
Add an Associate Program to Your Marketing Mix
If web site sales aren't all they could be, perhaps it's time to implement an associate program.
Preventing e-thrombosis: Good Health Through Inconvenience
e-thrombosis is the new health scare for ofice workers. Here's how to prevent it through movement.
Keeping an Eye on the Competition
Competitive intelligence isn't the sole domain of Fortune 500 companies. Every business needs to know what their competition is doing.
Your Portfolio: A New Slant on an Old Topic
Use contemporay scrapbooking methods to create an amazing portfolio.
How Not to Mulligan Your Business Golf Game
Knowing business golf etiquette will help you land that deal.
Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?
Article provides tips for disaster recovery planning.
Mark Your Territory in the Pet Industry
Cash in on America's booming pet industry.
Slimy but Legal
Unsavory, but legal, activities that make the Web a less-enjoyable place to be.
Today's Web Jobs Demand New Skills
Looking for an entry level job on the Web? Opportunities are there for those who know how to find them.
The Virtual Team: The Changing Face of Business
Leaders of today's virtual teams face unique challenges.
Ask a Disaster Recovery Specialist
Can you afford to lose the data on your hard drive? A disaster recovery specialist explains what can be done if the unthinkable occurs, and offers tips for preventing data loss.
12 Tips for Starting an Import/Export Business
A certified import/export coach offers advice on starting this type of business.
Online Guide to Public Records
If its a matter of public record in the US, the information you want is available online.
Six Tips for Writing for the Web
Follow these simple tips and your writing will reach a wider audience.
Writing for Magazines: Part One
How to choose the magazine
Writing for Magazines: Part Two
The Editorial Guidelines
Writing for Magazines: Part Three
The Copyright Information
Writing for Magazines: Part Four
The Query Letter
Writing for Magazines: Part Five
Negotiating with the Editor
Writing for Magazines: Part Six
Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Writing for Magazines: Part Seven
The Word Count
Writing for Magazines: Part Eight
Developing Your Outine
Writing for Magazines: Part Nine
Tightening Your Writing
Writing for Magazines: Part Ten
Interviews and Quotes
Writing for Magazines: Part Eleven
Writing for Magazines: Part Twelve
Your Articles as Marketing Tools
Writing for Magazines: Part Thirteen
Reaching New Markets
Writing for Magazines: Part Fourteen
Pitfalls to Avoid
Review: Rich Sage
Can Rich Sage Help You Make Money Online?
The Joint Venture Giveaway Approach to Building a List
Building a list the fun way.
Scary Paypal Happenings
The money giant doesn't always play well with others.
Thirty White Hat Ways to get Web Site Traffic (without spending a cent)
How to attract web site traffic is always an issue with Internet marketing.
Are Internet Millionaires Still Emerging?
The Internet gold rush is not over. New millionaires are emerging steadily and many have made a million dollars in one day.
The Number One Reason Why Startup Businesses Fail
Want to know the number one mistake that people make when starting a new business? You already know that many small businesses fail within five years of startup. In many cases, developing a good business plan before startup could have saved the day.
From Zero Point Energy to Free Electricity
DIYers can build zero point energy machines to generate free electricity for the home.
Understanding Solar Energy Grants
depending on the type of installation, you may be elible for financial assistance.
Where to Publish Articles for Cash
Get paid for writing articles.
Forex Trading
Explaining the basics of Forex Trading.
Forex Day Trading
The key concepts of Forex Day Trading
Forex Trading Course
What to look for in a Forex trading course
Managed Forex Trading
Deciding whether managed Forex trading is right for you
Wireless Hacks: In Case You Don't Have Enough to Worry About
Hackers could take control of your car, your pacemaker and your blender?
Using Promotional Items as a Marketing Strategy
Giving away promotional items is still a valid marketing and branding strategy
T4 Filing Tips and Offer for Employers of a Nanny or Caregiver
Tax advice and promotional offer by a CGA
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