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How many ways can you use 13 PLR articles about making money through digital photography?

Your package contains thirteen current and relevant articles plus two bonuses -- all hand written by a professional writer. With a distribution limited to 40 sets, you will enjoy relative exclusivity.

digital photography plr articlesAs you already know, publishing quality articles enhances your IM activities. Among other benefits, keyword rich articles attract web traffic, help with branding, generate customer satisfaction when provided as a bonus or an e-course and help with list building activities.

However, researching and writing quality articles requires both time and skill. If you're like many Internet marketers, you prefer to spend your time on the activities that make you the most money. Article writing takes time and energy away from product development or performing other activities that better suit your skills and talents.

PLR articles give you the best of both worlds. You purchase articles, revise if desired, add your name as the writer, and use them in way you want.

Understanding Private Label Rights

In case you're new to Internet Marketing, when using Private Label Rights (PLR) articles, you can rewrite the articles, put your name to them as author and distribute them as you wish. The terms of this offer allow you to re-write any or all of the articles to make them uniquely yours. You can include your name as author. You can compile them into a report or ebook. You can give them away as a bonus. You can publish them on a web site, blog, ezine, report or in any print publication. You can incorporate them into another document. You can deliver them as an email course or offer them in a membership site. The only thing you cannot do is resell these articles at an auction site or elsewhere. They do not come with resell rights.
  • Offer: 13 PLR articles plus two bonuses

  • Topic: Make Money with Digital Photography

  • Niche: digital photography, make money, home business, income generating opportunities for groups such as students, stay at home moms or retired people, hobbies, crafts, photo editing, digital design

  • Distribution: Limited to 40 copies. 18 Remaining.

  • Quality: Hand written by professional writer

  • Sample Available: Yes. See below.

  • Terms: Anything except resale See below


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Article One: You Can Make Money With Digital Photography Tip #1 Introduction -- 567 words
Article Two: Digital Photography Money Making Tip #2: Photographing Kids - 627 words
Article Three: Digital Photography Money Making Tip #3: Pets and Their Owners - 744 words
Article Four: Digital Photography Money Making Tip #4: Kids' Birthday Parties - 504 words
Article Five: Digital Photography Money Making Tip #5: Teach a Class - 719 words
Article Six: Digital Photography Money Making Tip #6: eBay Photos - 514 words
Article Seven : Digital Photography Money Making Tip #7: Weddings -487 words
Article Eight: Digital Photography Money Making Tip #8: Sell Cards and Postcards - 537 words
Article Nine: Digital Photography Money Making Tip #9: Amateur Sports - 568 words
Article Ten: Digital Photography Money Making Tip #10: Calendars - 530 words
Article Eleven: Digital Photography Money Making Tip: #11 Stock Photos - 484 words
Article Twelve: Digital Photography Money Making Tip #12: Family Slideshows - 627 words
Article 13: Create Beautiful People with Digital Photography - 593 words

Bonuses (2)

1. Twelve Fun Things to do with your Digital Photographs. Twelve short suggestions suitable for individual email messages, blog posts or to use as a separate article. Written by me. Has been given away as a bonus about 25 times. Word document. PLR Rights as for articles.

2. Digital Photography Keywords. As distributed by Niche a Day

Sample Article:

Article Seven : Digital Photography Money Making Tip #7 Weddings

Weddings are the most special of occasions, and weddings and digital photography go together like wine and cheese. Why not market a digital photography service to the happy couple?

One route is to contact wedding planners and negotiate a deal. Wedding planners are in a position to recommend a great many services to brides and wedding parties. A good relationship with one of these professionals can be your key to great success.

However, professional wedding planners will work only with experienced, well established photographers. They won't risk their reputation by recommending an unknown service could be less than stellar. You will need a wedding portfolio and possibly testimonials from satisfied wedding parties before you can make inroads with a wedding planner.

If you are not yet at that point, there are other ways to establish your digital photography service for weddings.

First, if you have no wedding portfolio, offer your service to a bride in return for a testimonial. Be sure you keep the copyright on your pictures so you can use them to create a portfolio. You might locate a receptive bride within your circle of friends and family or through other networking activities.

With at least one wedding under your belt and with a nice testimonial and portfolio, start looking for other weddings to photograph. Word of mouth is always ideal, but you might also check the wedding announcements in your local newspaper.

If you can, contact the bride and offer your services. Send a promotional package by mail or try reaching her by telephone. Also, offer to take photographs at the bride's home prior to the wedding. You can get lovely candid shots of attendants helping the bride with her veil, flower girls primping in front of the mirror, etc. This is not a service that a studio photographer offers. Be sure to incorporate this as one of your unique selling points.

You might also offer your services for photographing related wedding events, such as bridal showers, the bachelor party, the rehearsal dinner or the gift opening event the morning after.

Other marketing suggestions include contacting florists, limousine rental services, wedding chapels, tuxedo rental services, boutiques selling wedding wear, bakeries specializing in wedding cakes, and so on. Ask about leaving your pamphlets or brochures where customers can see them, or make an arrangement for a referral fee.

Here's one more suggestion for a unique digital photography package for weddings.

Pair up with a scrapartist and offer a unique product - a wedding scrapbook or memory album. Scrapartists use photographs, mementoes, decorative paper, journaling and various embellishments to create gorgeous, one-of-a-kind albums that are truly works of art.

Run a Google search for "scrapartist" or contact a local scrapbook store to locate a suitable scrapartist. You might find the store manager is interested in pairing with you for this project.

Last but not least, if you're pursuing a wedding digital photography business, always remember that it's all about the bride. Make her happy and everything else will go well.


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