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Struggling to write Job Descriptions, Performance Evaluations and Personnel Letters? HR Package

If you have employees, you need these important documents.

Perhaps you are using outdated documents that no longer meet your current needs or perhaps you haven't found the time to write documents at all. But you know that accurate and timely personnel documents will reduce confusion and help to prevent misunderstandings among your employees. And as you know, when confusion and misunderstanding go down, productivity goes up!

When you use well-written personnel documents, your business benefits because:
  • Your employees understand exactly what is expected of them.
  • Your employees understand what authority they have to act on their own and when they must seek approval from a supervisor.
  • Orienting new employees is easier when you have an up-to-date job description.
  • During hiring, the selection process is simplified when you have identified the parameters of the job. What's more, professionals will expect to see a job description during the interview stage.
  • Proper personnel practices reduce the likelihood of lawsuits, wrongful dismissal charges, etc.
  • Performance evaluations give employee and supervisor an opportunity to communicate, strategize and make plans for future training or skill development.

If you are the CEO of a large corporation, there's no problem. Just ask your Human Resource Department to write the documents for you.

No HR Department? Too busy? You are not sure how to go about it in the first place? These guides will solve all three problems.

This Human Resource Package contains:

How to Write a Job Description and a Performance Evaluation. This document explains exactly how to go about developing a Job Description and a Performance Evaluation document. The method used here is called Functional Analyses -- that is, you identify the tasks that the employee must perform for each aspect of the job.

A Job Description Guide for writing your Job Descriptions.

A Performance Evaluation Guide for developing your Performance Evaluation documents.

Six Personnel Letter Templates with sample letters. The letters are:
  • Letter of Job Offer
  • Letter for Unsuccessful Job Candidate
  • Letter for end of Probationary Period
  • Letter of Commendation
  • Disciplinary Letter
  • Letter of Termination


The files in your Human Resource package are available in Word 6 for the PC and are contained in a compressed zip file (to speed up download time). If your computer isn't already equipped to "unzip" a zip file, you will need to download a software application for that purpose. Winzip, found at is a good choice.


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