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Do you want to save money in legal fees? Independent Contractor agreement

 If you're planning on contracting with a freelancer to work on a project, you need a written contract to protect your interests. But as you know, contract language is confusing and lawyers bill by the hour.

First, just to be sure we are talking the same language, a Freelance Agreement is an arrangement in which a company or business contracts with another person to perform a specific task or service. The independent professional or freelancer is not your employee and does not receive wages or benefits. He or she is paid according to an agreed-upon arrangement. Individuals entering into contractual arrangements need clearly defined terms in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in mid - project.

First, let me say up front that there is no substitute for a good lawyer or a professional involved in paralegal studies if you're entering into anything but the simplest of agreements.

However, you can save money by minimizing the billable hours that your lawyer will spend on your agreement if you do the preliminary work yourself. It's not as difficult as you think, especially if you use this freelance agreement document as your guide.

This package contains THREE sample contracts. All have been approved by a contract lawyer, so you can be assured that they are based on solid principles of contract law. However, they are not meant to be a substitute for legal advice. After completing the document to your satisfaction, be sure to take it to your own lawyer for review before using.

"The contracts look incredibly helpful and offer so many potential provisions - it appears you've covered everything we can anticipate (but wouldn't have thought of ourselves). Thanks so much."
 --Stephanie Summers and Jurissupport

  • When you download these document, you will receive:

    Sample Contractor Agreement #1: Five legal-size pages of contract material -- covering the general categories and terms that should appear in most legal agreements with independent contractors or consultants. This contract is best suited for more complex contractual arrangements.

    Sample Contractor Agreement #2: Seven legal-size pages of contract material specifically for a contract in excess of $10,000.

    Sample Contractor Agreement #3: Five legal-size pages of contract material suitable for smaller contracts of less than $10,000.

  • Using the contracts as a guide, you add your own information, being sure to customize it by editing, deleting or adding terms to suit your unique requirements. There is no possible way that any "off the shelf" contract could fit every need, after all!
  • There is a good chance that you will find items in the contracts that you hadn't thought about yourself. Perhaps some of the items will spark your imagination and cause you to think of new aspects that you want to add.
  • Then, when it is completed, decide for yourself which of the terms you have included are negotiable and which are non-negotiable. Jot this down on a separate paper and take it along when you visit your lawyer. You will be prepared to discuss the Independent Contractor Agreement from start to finish and you will be prepared to discuss negotiation strategies.

These documents will be helpful to anyone entering into a contractual arrangement with a consultant or independent professional. All are well developed documents. They are not intended for use in simple instances where you engage someone's services to type a letter, for example.

The files in the Independent Contractor package are available in a zip file containg MS Word documents. Other file formats can be discussed if you don't have software that can open MS Word.


This document, like all of my products, comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


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