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"Thank you very much. It looks like i'm on my way now. This document will be very helpful to me. Thank you again. -- " Edward F. Caputo, Singapore.

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of writing a business plan?

thumbnail of Business Plans Made Easy Writing a good business plan confuses many entrepreneurs, even those with plenty of experience. Yet, without a well written business plan, you'll have no chance of raising funds or getting a business loan. This easy to use digital document will take your through the steps of writing a startup business plan that will please your banker.

Starting a business can be challenging.

You may need to consult a lawyer to ensure that your business is properly licensed and insured according to current regulations. You will also want to look into liability insuranceto protecet yourself financially from any lawsuits that may come your way.

Why not at least simplify the documentation portion of your business by using our booklet? Business experts estimate that it takes 200 hours to develop a business plan.

And those two hundred hours are assuming that you know how to go about doing it! This digital document will show you, clearly and concisely, how to go about developing and formatting your document. You'll save yourself plenty of time, and to an entrepreneur, time is money!

Here's what you can expect from this digital document: You will be able to:

Write a professional looking business plan that you'll show with pride to your investors and bankers.

Organize your material so you can portray your business concept in the best possible light.

Identify the exact type of information that needs to be included in a business plan.

Save time AND frustration by using the digital document as a guide or template for your business plan.

Discover new elements and new concepts for your business idea by answering the questions that are included for each major category of information.

Understand the basic components of market research.

Develop your Marketing Plan.

Understand the financial aspects that belong in a business plan by examining the sample financial sheets that are included.

Calculate your fixed costs, your cost of sales, your overhead burden, your break even analyses and your unit selling price.

Forecast your sales.

Develop your major financial sheets: Balance sheet, Cash Flow sheet and Income Statement sheet (or Profit and Loss statement as it is sometimes called).

Compile an Appendix of research and other significant items that will demonstrate the validity of your business concept.

What You Tell Me

"I ordered this morning Design a brochure that works and Business Plans Made Easy. Thank you for your help. I should also add that I am ordering these items because I already ordered and successfully used the proposal template!" ... Kathleen Stevens, Canada

" Thank you very much. It looks like I'm on my way now. This document will be very helpful to me. Thank you again." -- Edward F. Caputo, Singapore.

"Your information on how to write proposals and business plans is awesome." ... Brenda Henwood, Canada

What You'll Get

At approximately twenty attractively laid out pages, your digital booklet will take you through the complete process of creating a professional business plan.

The guide available for download from this site comes in four file formats so that both PC and Mac users will find at least one format that works for them. Download the files individually, or as a packet in a compressed zip file to speed up download time. Once downloaded, zip files must be unzipped with a software application such as PKZIP or WinZip.

The four file formats contain identical information, but with four versions, there's sure to be one that will run on your system. You'll find:
  • A Rich Text document (bizplan.rtf) that will open in almost any word processor or text editor (such as Word Pad). It's not as pretty as the other versions, but the content is all there.
  • If you're running Office 97 or higher, the file called bizplan.doc will be a good choice.
  • Bizplan.pdf will work on any computer, and you'll be pleased with the visual appeal of the layout. However, you'll need the free Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download the Reader at
  • Bizplan.mcw is a Word document that has been saved so it can be read by MS Word for the Mac.


This document, like all of my products, comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


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