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Write a Brochure That WorksDo your Brochures and Pamphlets grab attention and get results?

This digital booklet will take you through the steps of writing a brochure from start to finish. Whether your budget is big or small, you can design an attractive, effective, attention getting brochure that works for you.

Whether you intend to write the entire brochure yourself, or whether you plan to engage a professional to do some or all components, you'll learn what you need to know about the five steps of brochure design:

1. Planning
2. Writing
4. Testing
5. Printing

Design a Brochure That Works will be helpful to small businesses, independent contractors, events planners, agencies and charitable organizations, or anyone who is interested in distributing a brochure for any reason.

Here's what you will learn from your digital booklet: You will be able to:

Design a dynamic brochure or pamphlet that communicates your message effectively.

Create a focused message that zooms in on your key concepts and engages the reader's attention.You'll identify the target market and design with their needs in mind.

Design a brochure that fits within your budget, regardless of how much or how little you plan to spend. Early in the planning stage, you'll learn what the expected expenditures will be, as well as cost cutting strategies for each.

Learn professional writing techniques that help you state your message clearly and concisely.

Understand how people read brochures, and learn how to place your message for maximum impact.

Recognize the impact of global marketing and learn to consider the needs of a multicultural audience.

Recognize the psychological aspects of color and incorporate color into your marketing strategy.

Work with fonts and images to enhance readability and visual impact. You'll understand how to incorporate computerized graphics, such as pictures, original art, clip art,and scanned images into your document.

Avoid costly mistakes by testing your document before going to print.

Identify four methods of printing and copying, and select the method best suited for your needs. You'll also learn the key terminology that will help you to describe your requirements to an offset or digital printing service.

Develop a check list of all that must be done to get your document ready for duplication.


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What You'll Get

At approximately eighteen attractively laid out pages, this digital document will take you through the complete process of planning, writing, designing, testing and printing a brochure.

You'll also receive a listing of Internet sites containing helpful resources that are available free of charge or at low cost.

The guide available for download from this site comes in two file formats so that both PC and Mac users will find at least one format that works for them. Download the files in a compressed zip file to speed up download time. Once downloaded, zip files must be unzipped with a software application such as PKZIP or WinZip.

The three file formats contain identical information, but with two versions, there's sure to be one that will run on your system. You'll find:
  • If you're running Office 97 or higher, the file called brochure.doc will be a good choice.
  • Brochure.pdf will work on any computer, and you'll be pleased with the visual appeal of the layout. However, you'll need the free Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download the Reader at


This document, like all of my products, comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


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