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By June Campbell
If you are promoting something on the Internet, chances are you are bombarded daily with offers to buy this, buy that, read all about the latest, greatest new product, service, offer, special promotion, joint venture, etc.

It makes the heart weary. Iím at the point where I seldom give a second glance to these messages when I see them.

So having said that, it may strike you as strange that Iím recommending a number of online resources that I think are worth using. All of them are free to use, although there is often a professional upgrade available.

In no special order, here are some online resources that I use regularly.

1. Hello Txt

You take a free membership in Hello Txt, then post your Twitter tweets there instead of going directly to Twitter. The service automatically posts your tweets to a fairly large number of social networking sites. It takes some time to set this up initially, but once you have done that part, its simple, fast and easy to make a post. You can include pictures and videos if you like, and there is even an Adsense option.

Link: Hello Txt

2. Gimme a Niche

Gimme a Niche is a reverse-keyword finder. In most keyword finding search services, you enter your keyword, and the service gives you the number of searches and other data. At Gimme A Niche, you enter your criteria and the search gives you a keyword that matches. Itís an interesting and useful marketing tool.

Link: Gimme a Niche

3. List of 50 Top Article Directories

Not a service but simply a web page, this document lists the 50 top article directories, sorted by Google traffic and Alexa page rank It also shows which directories use do follow links and which use no do follow.

Link: 50 Top Article Directories

4. TubeMogul

Video marketing is hot, and uploading to multiple video sharing sites is time consuming. At TubeMogul, you upload once, enter your keywords, categories and descriptions, and the service launches your videos to number of video sites. It takes a while to set up initially, but once your information is in place, it saves you tons of time. TubeMogul also provides data and analytical information about your videoís performance. This is all for free. The Pro version offers other features.

Link: Tube Mogul

5. Google Knol

Itís another content sharing site similar to HubPages or Squidoo. You establish yourself as an expert by creating ďknolsĒ on the topic of your choice. I tend to think that any project belonging to Google isnít going to do badly in the search engines.

Link: Google Knol

6 Google Alerts

This is a wonderful tool for research. You submit your keywords and Google sends you an email notice whenever those terms show up in a web site or blog. Google Alerts make it easy to keep track of your competitors, easy to keep track of what people are saying about your business online, and easy to collect research for blog postings or web articles. Itís an amazing time saver that a lot of internet marketers havenít heard about.

Link: Google Alerts

There you have my list of resources that I use over and over again. Enjoy

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