T4 Filing Tips and Offer for Employers of a Nanny or Caregiver

by Linh Tsiu

If you employed a Nanny/Caregiver or an Au pair in 2018, their T4 slip is due on February 28, 2019 which is approximately three weeks away. It is time to get those records in order and file on-line.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Organize your payroll records and your Statements of Account for Current Source Deductions
  2. You are required to file a T4 Return for each domestic employee that you employed in 20018 and you are required to file a T4 Summary Return for yourself as the Employer.
  3. In order to file your Employee's T4 Return, you will need their Social Insurance Number, current address, gross income and the total amounts of Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Income Tax deducted and any benefits you have paid on their behalf.
  4. To file your T4 Summary Return, you will need to provide the number of T4 slips you completed, summarized totals of the amounts on each T4 slip and summarized totals of the amounts on your remittances.
  5. If you remitted a source deduction in 2018, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will have sent you a Web Access Code. You will need this code to file your T4 Return and T4 Summary Return online.
  6. If you decide to file online, do not send CRA a paper copy. It will confuse them!
  7. The penalty for failing to distribute T4 slips to your employee or failing to file your T4 and T4 Summary Return by February 28, 2019 is $100 or more

Caregiver Tax Services T4 Service Special Offer

Many employers simplify their lives by using a Caregiver/Nanny payroll Service and to avoid the penalties and the interests' charges.

If this is you, we have a special promotion for T4 and T4 Summary online filing for $150

Promotion offer ends February 28. 2019

If you are interested in signing up for the promotion, contact Linh@caregivertax.ca or call 604-786-2566

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