Incorporating Promotional Items in your Marketing Strategy

By June Campbell

Business operators who have abandoned the practise of giving away free promotional items may want to revisit this timeless approach to marketing. It is just as effective today as it was in the nineties and before.

Before the digital age, before we had Facebook and Twitter and Pinetrest and all the other online vehicles, business people turned to promotional products to assist with branding, marketing and to build customer loyalty. Businesses planned for these expenditures, including the cost in their yearly marketing and advertising budgets. The cost of purchasing promotional items is quite cost effective, as a visit to will demonstrate. For a relatively low sum, today's businesses can distribute promotional items at trade shows and other events.

When selecting the correct type of promotional item to give away, one approach is to choose an item that is reflective of the business service being offered. For example, a kayak and canoe rental business may distribute personalized plastic water bottles to customers or suppliers. Given the current trend of carrying a water bottle at all times, you can be sure that many people will see these water bottles and take note of the name of the rental company.

Similarly, a business selling golf related products or services might opt for sun visers, personalized golf balls, tees and so forth.

Another approach is to dispense a generic item that would have broad mass appeal. Under this category you find the low cost items such as magnets, mugs, mouse pads, erasers, pens, pencils and notepads.

Businesses wanting to allot a somewhat larger and more costly item to their special customers, clients or suppliers might opt for personalized sports shirts, tote bags, coolers, jackets, calendars and day planners.

Businesses operators wanting to provide a large number of low cost products at an event such as a trade show might opt for items such as bottle openers, key chains, plastic ice cream bowls, plastic glasses, rubber sunglasses or thundersticks. Many of these items can be purchased for under a dollar, or even less if you watch for special clearance sales.

Whatever the product or whatever the means of distribution, you can be assured that a physical item will aid in the branding and marketing of your business or product. It will impact in a special way that online marketing strategies do not.

When your customers or potential customers have the ability to see, touch, hold or wear an item, it goes a long way to ensuring that your message is received and retained for the long haul.

Promotional items still have a role to play in your marketing strategies.

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