What to Do if Your Partner Isn’t Giving You Enough Attention

Each spouse needs to feel recognized, appreciated, and catered for in a marriage. Many married people have been together for years, causing significant changes in standards around sexuality and bonding over time, with one partner taking the other for granted.

This article looks at why you can be sick of desperately trying to gain attention from your partner, as well as how this pattern might damage your marital and your other relationships.


You may be wary of badgering your partner for affection for several reasons and the following are some of the possible origins of this relationship dynamics:

Your Partner Is Unconcerned About Your Relationship

This is a typical pattern among long-term spouses, especially if the relationship isn’t in danger. One partner may overlook the other because they take the relationship for granted and believe that no matter how they behave towards their spouse, they will always be there for them.

Your Partner Has Different Priorities

Staying under the same building may be enough for some couples to meet their requirement for time and attention to their partners. This takes a toll on partnerships if one person expects more love than the other. Mannerisms, interaction, facial expression, and time invested together are all signs of affection.

It is therefore critical for the spouse in these relationships to recognize the significance of their undivided attention and how they may improve times of intimacy with their spouse.

The Impact Of This Relationship Dynamic

When you’ve had enough of asking for attention from your partner, it can hurt both your psychological health and your relationship.

Mental Health Consequences

Given your spouse is such a prominent player in your life, and his or her level of response has the power to make you feel significant and useful, it’s important to feel seen and acknowledged. When you don’t get enough attention or affirmation, you feel criticized, like you’re not competent enough, and you’re rejected.

You may begin to attribute your partner’s actions to yourself and start to believe there is something wrong with you. You may begin looking for difficulties within yourself in the hopes of gaining your spouse’s interest and gaining greater power in this situation if you address that problem.

You may believe that to be noticeable, you must take steps to improve your appearance or alter something about yourself.

Your Relationship Will Be Affected

When you’re continuously pleading for attention, rejection builds up. While each time you appeal for attention may seem trivial, the cumulative effect of appealing and having your needs disregarded may be disastrous to your relationship and your self-esteem.

You might eventually stop pleading with your partner for recognition, when you get to a point of resignation, knowing that begging is ineffective and simply serves to make you feel more rejected and hopeless.

You might even give up totally, leading to dissatisfaction and insensitivity to your partner as well as acting aggressively toward them.

How to Strengthen Your Bond

If you’re tired of begging for attention from your partner, use the following strategies for improving your relationship dynamic.

Stop Pleading

While being emotional is necessary, clamoring for attention is not. This technique is not only useless, but it also damages your self-worth and integrity. You will feel ignored if you beg for attention and do not get it. However, even if your partner pays attention to your pleading, it will only be a momentary remedy because it was not given voluntarily.

Concentrate On Yourself

This will make your life more fulfilling and assist you in becoming the best version of yourself. Because you are honestly providing for yourself and valuing your worth, focusing on yourself and meeting your desires may result in your partner’s interest being piqued.

Stop Trying To Be In-charge

Recognize that you have no control over your partner’s actions. So instead of focusing on what you can’t control, focus on what you can; your actions and responses.

Analyze Your Actions

Identify how your dissatisfaction with your spouse’s lack of attention has caused you to be more judgmental of them.

Encourage Positive Behavior

With positive behavior, support your spouse’s attempts to provide love and validation. Rather than emphasizing what they don’t do, make a point of highlighting and validating the things they accomplish effectively.


Make certain that you articulate your feelings, experiences, and expectations in a straightforward, honest, and bold manner.

Consider Therapy

If things aren’t getting better, consider getting professional treatment through counseling. It can be helpful to have the viewpoint and involvement of an impartial, clinically trained third party to help spot negative patterns and improve communication between couples.

When your demands for love and validation aren’t delivered regularly, your self-esteem and mental wellbeing can suffer. It can also cause animosity, arguments, and melancholy in your relationship with your partner.

However, it can be beneficial to interrupt the habit of seeking attention from your partner but rather focus on yourself if you’ve reached the point where you’re exhausted from seeking attention from them. It can increase your attractiveness to your spouse as well as provide you with more accomplishment.

Ajisebutu Doyinsola
Ajisebutu Doyinsola
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