10 Most Expensive Cities in the World to Live

Most Expensive Cities in the World

Job possibilities, fine food, theater, and quick access to world-renowned institutions are all advantages of city living, but they come at a cost. Rent is typically exorbitant in the world’s most affluent cities, restaurants can charge top dollar, and a $20 cocktail is the norm.

When you’ve been feeling the impact in 2021, it’s because, as per data provided by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the cost of living for city dwellers has risen at its fastest rate in five years (EIU). According to the experts on the squad, it may continue to go up in 2022.

The Worldwide Cost of Living (WCOL) report from the EIU examined over 400 individual prices on more than 200 products and services in 173 locations to establish the world’s most expensive urban centers. Prices were converted to US dollars and compared to New York City, the survey’s benchmark city, which received a score of 100. You can examine how the cost of living in key U.S. cities compares to overseas major cities like Paris and Hong Kong due to their statistics.

1. Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv City View
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For the first time, this sun-drenched city on Israel’s Mediterranean coast topped the EIU’s ranking, rising from fifth place in 2020. Given the strength of the Israeli shekel against the US dollar, the city obtained a cost of living score of 106. In 2021, there was also a considerable increase in groceries and transportation prices.

2. Paris

Paris Street View
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Paris is not only home to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the glistening Champs-Élysées, but it is also the world’s second most expensive city, with a cost of living index of 104. However, Paris lost its position as the most expensive city in the world in 2021.

3. Singapore

Singapore City Night View
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Singapore has traditionally been praised for its immaculately clean urban spaces, but it appears that residing in the world’s cleanest city comes at a cost. With a score of 104, the city is tied with Paris as the most expensive city in Southeast Asia.

4. Zürich

Zürich City View
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It’s no surprise that the world’s financial and banking capital is also one of the most expensive cities on the planet. The city is as pricey as it is attractive, with a cost of living rating of 103 due to its mountainous location on Lake Zürich.

5. Hong Kong

Hong Kong City View
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Although Hong Kong is a Chinese “special administrative area,” it was judged the world’s largest (and most expensive) metro city. In 2021, Hong Kong had the world’s most expensive petrol prices, with a median price of $2.50 a liter, among other things. The outcome was a cost of living rating of 101 for the year 2021.

6. New York

New York Night Life View
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New York City which served as the survey’s baseline, received a score of 100 and was ranked sixth. Due to the high cost of everything from food to gas, the city has long been on the ranking.

7. Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland City View
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Geneva is the second Swiss city to make it into the top ten. The costly city, which has a cost of living rating of 99 for 2021, is located on the huge Lake Geneva near the French-Swiss border. The city is a financial center as well as the headquarters of the United Nations and the Red Cross in Europe.

8. Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark City View
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The cost of living study for 2021 gave this northern, water-bound city a score of 97. While the cost of food and housing in Copenhagen is exorbitant, the city is populated with residents who prefer to ride their bikes rather than drive, which you’d think would make gas and transportation prices more manageable.

9. Los Angeles

Los Angeles City View
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Although the expense of living in this large Southern California city is exorbitant, there is no prime spot to be for many beach lovers and budding performers. Los Angeles was ranked ninth, with a score of 96, just four points behind New York City.

10. Osaka

Osaka, Japan City View
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One may think that Tokyo would have a lower cost of living than Osaka, however, the data show that this Japanese city, which has a cost of living rating of 94, is a little more expensive than the capital town. Although the cost of many items and services in Osaka is exorbitant, budget-conscious visitors can still enjoy the city’s famous and reasonably priced street food.

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