11 Top Places to Camp in Brazil

In Brazil, there is no shortage of places to camp. São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, and many other national destinations have excellent spaces where you can set up your tent and enjoy a great time.

To help you make an amazing camping trip, we have prepared a complete list of 11 places to camp in Brazil. Thus, you can find mountains, mountains, and hills in the five regions of the country. Do you want to live this unique experience? Check out the camping options and embark on an adventure!

1. Morro do Saboó – São Roque, Sao Paulo

Morro do Saboó – São Roque, Sao Paulo
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Located in São Roque, a tourist city in the interior of Sao Paulo, Morro do Saboó does not disappoint when it comes to camping and getting in touch with nature. The climb to the highest point can be a little tiring. However, the view from up there is rewarding – it is possible to admire the city and the nature that surrounds it.

2. Pico do Jaraguá – Serra da Cantareira, Sao Paulo

Pico do Jaraguá – Serra da Cantareira, Sao Paulo
Image Credit: Adoro Plantar on YouTube

Famous for being the highest point in the city, Pico do Jaraguá rises to a height of 1,135 meters. Around the tourist spot, there is the Jaraguá State Park, created to encourage conservation in the area. Admission is free, and you can leave your car in the parking lot and then go up the Pai Zé trail.

3. Serra do Mursa – Várzea Paulista, Sao Paulo

Serra do Mursa – Várzea Paulista, Sao Paulo
Image Credit: Flávio Xavier on YouTube

There are many reasons to visit Serra do Mursa, in Várzea Paulista. One of them is easy access via public transport – just get off at Várzea Paulista station on line 7 Rubi of CPTM. When you arrive at the place, you will be surprised by the beautiful landscape, which can get even more beautiful at dusk.

4. Praia do Sono – Paraty, Rio De Janiero

There is no better place to camp in Rio de Janeiro than Praia do Sono. This beautiful tourist spot in Paraty has crystal blue waters, white sand, and a peaceful atmosphere away from all the hustle and bustle of Rio. There are no access roads to Praia do Sono and, therefore, it remains beautiful, preserved, and not very busy.

5. Morro do Couto – Resende, Rio De Janeiro

Located in Itatiaia National Park, Morro do Couto is famous for being the eighth highest rock elevation in Brazil. The 2,680 meters of height of the hill are located in a preserved area and almost untouched by man, only by the actions of nature. The privileged view includes the Shelves, Pedra da Tartaruga and Pico das Agulhas Negras.

6. Serra da Bodoquena – Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul

Located in the southwest of the Pantanal Complex, Serra da Bodoquena is famous for its unusually beautiful landscape. In addition to being an excellent place to camp, Bodoquena offers many possibilities to discover the Brazilian flora. When facing the adventure, wear sturdy clothes and comfortable shoes.

7. Chapada dos Veadeiros, Goias

Chapada dos Veadeiros is home to the main beauties of the state of Goiás: crystalline rivers, waterfalls over 100 meters, stone walls, and, of course, many places to camp. For those who want to do the trails without carrying too much weight, it is worth checking out the campsites that are scattered throughout the region.

8. Cumuruxatiba, Prado, Bahia

Anyone who knows it knows that Bahia has the most beautiful landscapes in Brazil. In Cumuruxatiba, it is possible to find true paradises for camping and enjoying great moments. If you are a fan of the beach, be sure to set up your tent on some deserted beach in the region, such as Praia do Pier.

9. Tinharé Island, Bahia

Among the places to camp in Bahia, Tinharé Island wins when it comes to breathtaking landscapes. The place is perfect to escape the routine and relax in peace. There are several campsites scattered throughout the region, whether for those traveling alone or for those traveling with friends.

10. Japaratinga – Coral Coast, Alagoas

It is almost impossible to talk about Northeastern tourism without mentioning the beautiful beaches of Alagoas. Japaratinga, for example, draws attention for its crystal blue water and calm climate, perfect for enjoying good times and even getting a tan. What is not lacking in the region are campsites with complete infrastructure and a pleasant environment.

11. Atins – Barreirinhas, MAranhao

Atins is a small village with an interior look. The roads are soft sand and the buildings are old. The charm of this place captivates any traveler, even the most demanding. If you are going to camp there, be sure to choose a well-located campsite or spot, close to a beach or downtown.

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