5 Best Destinations for Female Solo Travelers

Handful things are more satisfying than traveling solo – and a study indicated it was on the upswing, particularly among women, before the pandemic. Certainly, you’ll have to ask a stranger to photograph you crossing Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo or standing outside the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, but that’s a small price to pay for the flexibility to plan your trip precisely how you want it when you want it.

Traveling alone, on the other hand, isn’t always straightforward; when you are in charge of all the research, travel planning, and packing, it can be both exciting and daunting. There are more than enough data-driven understandings about the safest areas for women to travel alone, many of the most popular destinations for a solo break are places that may not appear on those big-city lists yet offer welcoming people, walkable old towns, and bustling food and art scenes. Below are five places to visit to get you started on arranging your first post-vaccine solo trip.

1. Granada, Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua
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In Central America, getting off the established route is easy, especially if you’re alone and a woman. There are volcanoes, long stretches of uninhabited beaches, colonial towns, vibrant culture, and a plethora of magnificent boutique hotel alternatives.

If you want to live like a local, we recommend visiting towns like Granada, Popoyo, and San Juan del Sur, which have extremely close-knit communities of foreigners from all over the world. They are quite cordial to visitors traveling through and openly welcome you into their society.

2. Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon
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This stateside experience will appeal to those who appreciate outdoor adventure combined with big-city culture. Forest Park in Portland, Oregon, contains almost 80 miles of wonderful trails. The pine needle-covered trails, which are sheltered by towering western hemlock and Douglas fir trees, are said to be lined with lush ferns. Even the pickiest eater may find a wonderful after-meal in Portland’s acclaimed culinary scene after a long trail run.

3. Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas
Photo by CARL HUNLEY JR on Unsplash

Another outdoor destination we recommend as a great solo outing? Las Vegas, but not on the city’s famous Strip. The strip is what most people think of when they think of Vegas, but there is so much more. Miles of wonderful hiking, biking, and running routes, as well as a world-class rock climbing destination, can be found in the National Conservation Area. Summerlin is a great place to stay because it’s close to Red Rock and considerably quieter than downtown. You’ll find amazing restaurants, pubs, and shopping in the region, but if you want to go out for a crazy night, you’ll just have to drive a short distance downtown.

4. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel
Photo by Stacey Franco on Unsplash

The beaches, gastronomy, and nightlife scenes of Tel Aviv are jewels of delight for every tourist, especially solitary travelers. It’s a city for people-watching, sunset-watching, and all of the other magic you’re too busy to appreciate at home. The food, the ocean, the markets, and the climate, in addition to the hospitality, are all apparent selling factors of this resort. Tel Aviv is the place to go if you enjoy sitting at a bar and watching the world go by.

5. Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia
Photo by Leandro Loureiro on Unsplash

Jessica Nabongo, the first Black woman to visit every country on the planet, recommends visiting colorful Cartagena if you’re searching for a single trip overseas and know some Spanish. Cartagena has been described as a simple destination to explore on your own, where you may not need to use public transportation because the city is small enough to walk around on your own. Even if your command of the Spanish language is minimal, you should feel free to practice with the locals.

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