5 Must-Sip Cafes to Try in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is often referred to as Australia’s cultural capital because of its abundance of hidden laneways brimming with culture, a sense of purpose, and individualism.

Cafés of high quality abound in a city like this. Below are some top suggestions to start you moving in the correct direction for your java hit or breakfast wake-up call if you feel stressed in this lovely city.

1. Brother Baba Budan – Little Bourke Street, CBD

When you come in the door and see a ceiling covered with hanging chairs, you know you’re going to be in for a treat. Everything about this café, from the décor to the menu, is top-notch – and one-of-a-kind.

Brother Baba Budan, named after a 17th-century Sufi famed for smuggling coffee, is a modest shop that has made a great impression on Melbourne’s coffee aficionados. People come from all over Melbourne to get their caffeine fix at Brother Baba Budan, so it’s no surprise that it made our list of Melbourne’s best ccafés.

2. Manchester Press – Rankins Lane, CBD

Manchester Press, a laneway café in the CBD with “a passion for outstanding coffee and wonderful food,” doesn’t let you down on either front.

The specialty of this specific café is its extensive selection of delectable bagels. Manchester Press is the spot to go for any brunch craving, with a range of sweet and savory bagels. In need of something utterly sweet and indulgent, try the bacon, banana, and maple bagel.

3. Waffee waffles + coffee – Swanson Street, CBD

It’s waffles and coffee, after all. Is there anything else we can say? Perhaps not, but we’ll find a way!

Waffee is one of those ‘pleasant accidents’ that one can come across while exploring the streets of Melbourne for the first time. The café’s simple idea of combining the sweet, sweet taste of waffles with their high-quality coffee is a winning formula.

You’ll leave delighted because there are so many varieties and variations of waffles and coffees to pick from at a price that won’t break the bank!

4. Piggery Café – Sherbrook Road, Sherbrooke

Piggery Café is located in the eastern suburb of Sherbroo, just outside of the CBD.

Piggery Café is the ideal ying to your appetite, delivering far more than the typical snack to accompany your coffee.

If you’re looking for a nutritious meal, Look no further than the Blackmore Wagyu burger or the chorizo sausage brioche bun, which are both delicious. Do you want something a little more, well, fancy? The high tea, which is both sweet and savory, should be enough. Do you want to nibble on a cheese plate or have a piece of cake while sipping your coffee? Don’t be stingy with your snacks and meals; there’s plenty to go around!

5. Mastic – Cotham Road, Kew

Mastic is George Calombaris’ most recent contribution to Melbourne’s food scene, and it’s a terrific one. The café’s approach to coffee and cuisine is well worth investigating.

In a nutshell, mastic is healthy food done correctly, replete with zucchini noodles and chia pudding.

Mastic fits on the try-out list if only to try the exotic-sounding Avgolemono and rich coffee blends that complement this clean perspective on food.

Oladotun Olayemi
Oladotun Olayemi
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