5 Things to Do for Under $10 in Cincinnati, Ohio

Some of the top sites in the Cincinnati, Ohio area will cost a lot of money to see. Don’t forgo all of those activities; instead, mix in some less expensive stuff for a more budget-friendly plan. Here are a few fun things to do in Cincinnati for less than $10 per person.

1. Cincinnati Observatory

The Cincinnati Observatory is known as America’s cradle of astronomy. It all started in 1842 when Ormsby MacKnight Mitchel went door to door to gather funds for a Mount Adams community telescope. The goal was to make stargazing accessible to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

The observatory was later relocated about five miles from downtown to its current location on Mount Lookout due to air pollution. The physics department at the University of Cincinnati took over operations in 1979, but the facilities are still open to the public.

For $5, tours are provided Monday through Friday from 12 to 4 p.m. On most Thursday and Friday nights, the observatory is open to the public for $7 for adults and $5 for children under the age of 18.

2. Carew Tower Observation Deck

When the 574-foot Carew Tower was built in 1930, it was one of the highest structures in the United States that were not located in New York City. It has the period’s typical setback style and was the city’s highest until 2010 when the Great American Tower at Queen City Square overtook it.

Carew Tower was listed on the National Historic Landmarks Register in 1994. The Carew Tower’s observation deck on the 49th floor offers a panoramic view of the river and city today. This vantage point comes at a low cost of $4 for adults and $2 for youngsters. Take advantage of a clear day with light winds.

3. Cincinnati Art Museum

Since art institutions west of the Alleghenies were uncommon in the 1800s, The Cincinnati Art Museum was given the moniker “Art Palace of the West” when it first opened in 1886. After numerous renovations and purchases, the museum now houses over 100,000 art artifacts, making it Ohio’s largest museum.

The Rosenthal Family Foundation has provided financing to make an entrance to the museum free to the general public. Special exhibitions are frequently excluded from the free entrance, but even those are usually around $10.

Members are given priority parking in the museum’s parking lot, while everyone else is allowed to park for free in less convenient areas.

4. Cincinnati Reds Ticket Deals

The Cincinnati Reds of Major League Baseball call Great American Ball Park home, and the team has a long history of selling top-six row seats (also known as nose-bleed seats) for $10 or less.

If you plan on staying in town for a while, you can save even more money by purchasing multiple tickets. The following is how it works: You pay $29.99 for a seat in the top six rows of the stadium. That’s more than the $10 limit but think about it. The cost-per-ticket reduces to $5.80 if you go to five baseball games. The per-ticket price reduces to around $2 if there are 14 home games in a month.

5. Krohn Conservatory

Eden Park, a huge urban green space just east of downtown Cincinnati, is home to the Krohn Conservatory. The conservatory, which is known for its tropical rainforest, holds over 3,500 plant species from all over the world.

While you may have to dodge a few school groups on your visit, Krohn is a Cincinnati treasure that costs only $7 for adults. Throughout the year, it organizes floral shows with entry rates ranging from $4 to $7. This is certainly one of Cincinnati’s best tourist bargains if you’re a plant enthusiast.

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