7 Best Restaurants in Auckland

New Zealanders of Maori and European heritage live with more recent immigrants from Asia, the Pacific Islands, Africa, and the Americas in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest and most multicultural metropolis. So whichever cuisine you’re looking for, you’ll most certainly find it in Auckland. There’s something for everyone, whether you want contemporary Chinese fast cuisine, French-style pastries, or a sit-down supper at a winery on the city’s outskirts. From fancy dining to casual fare, check out the following suggestions for the best places to dine in the big city.

1. Sid at The French Cafe

A lunch at Sid at The French Cafe, according to informed Aucklanders, maybe the best they’ve ever had. The cuisine is best described as contemporary New Zealand cooking, with lots of fish, Asian-inspired seasonings, and seasonal vegetables.

Take your time looking at the dishes before you dive in. They’re pieces of beauty. If you want to try a variety of meals rather than just one, four- and seven-course tasting menus are wonderful choices. Although the prices are exorbitant, this is the place to go if you want to splurge in Auckland. Just make sure you reserve a table ahead of time because tables tend to fill up quickly.

2. Mr. Morris

Mr. Morris, located in the Britomart Transport Centre in downtown Auckland, is much more than a place to get a bite before or after taking a train. Through its cuisine, the tiny restaurant aspires to offer a modern Pacific and New Zealand experience. Paua (a type of abalone), Cloudy Bay clams, fish, and lamb are among the New Zealand classics on the lunch and evening menus.

Mr. Morris has received perfect scores from some of New Zealand’s best culinary writers and restaurant magazines, so visit him if you’re in the city.

3. Bunga Raya

Bunga Raya, which is located inside a retail mall in the New Lynn suburb of western-central Auckland, is billed as the best spot in Auckland to eat true Malaysian food. The service and atmosphere are unpretentious, but the food is outstanding.

The substantially sized portions and excellent value for money are popular among diners. Fish curry, XO chicken, satay chicken, egg tofu, and oatmeal prawns are also popular dishes. If you plan to dine here on the weekend, make a reservation because Bunga Raya is quite popular and small.

4. Baduzzi

Check out Baduzzi in the Wynyard Quarter of downtown Auckland’s waterfront neighborhood if you’re craving Italian food. Traditional Italian favorites are combined with a hint of New York-style Italian inspiration at this award-winning restaurant. Baduzzi’s meatballs are well-known, and they operate a meatball truck that caters to events throughout the city. Try the unique crayfish meatballs instead of “normal” meatballs if you’re not a fan of “regular” meatballs.

5. Huami

Chinese diners frequent Huami Chinese restaurant, which is a good sign of the food’s quality and authenticity. Huami serves contemporary Chinese cuisine from across the regions (including Canton, Sichuan, Huaiyang, and Beijing) cooked with fresh New Zealand vegetables and is located at the foot of the iconic Sky Tower in the heart of the city. If you’re looking for a special treat, order the whole roasted duck from the restaurant’s first commercial wood-fired duck-cooking oven.

6. Blue Rose Catering

A substantial number of Pacific Islanders live in Auckland (people originating from Samoa, Tonga, the Cook Islands, Fiji, and other small Pacific Island nations). If you don’t know where to search, though, finding true Pasifika food might be difficult. Blue Rose Cafe is now open.

Palusami pie (corned beef, taro leaves, and coconut), Fijian chicken curry pie, hangi pie (pork, potatoes, and sweet potatoes), Lu’au pie (taro leaves, coconut, and cream cheese), and boil up pie are among the recommended pies (bacon bones and watercress).

7. Ceviche Bar by Besos Latinos

Ceviche Bar at Besos Latinos, another fantastic choice in the Wynyard Quarter, delivers true Latin American cuisine to the country. Traditional foods from Argentina, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela, as well as a range of cocktails, are served. Luis Cabrera, the executive chef, is a Mexican who was inspired by his travels around Latin America.

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