How to Travel Internationally With Your Pet

Taking the four-legged friend to know different places needs extra care. Therefore, many people have doubts about traveling with a pet. After all, changes in routine can modify the behavior of pets, leaving them stressed or even scared. With that in mind, we have prepared a complete guide for you to travel with your pet.

Traveling With a Pet: to Bring or Not to Bring the Pet?

Before deciding to take the pet on your trip, it is essential to assess the conditions of your tour. In other words, what will be the destination, the means of transport and, also, what will be the conditions of accommodation during the time you are away from home.

When booking air tickets and choosing accommodation, it is essential to make sure that all services are prepared to receive your pet and make it safe and comfortable. Otherwise, a good option is to find someone you trust, who will take care of your pet and give it the attention and affection it needs while you are away.

Take Into Account Your Pet’s Personality

Taking your pet to visit different places can indeed be an excellent idea. However, in practice, this can result in serious problems. Because of this, it’s very important to assess your pet’s personality before taking it on this journey. Does your dog or cat usually travel by car? What is the pet’s behavior when it is away from home? Does the pet get agitated and stressed? – These are basic questions, but they will make you sure to take your pet, after all, if your answers are negative, taking the pet can make the trip stressful, not only for the animal but for you too.

Basic Care of Your Pet Before the Trip

Whether by car, bus, or plane, some measures are essential to ensure that your pet has a good experience during the trip. The first thing you should do is assess your pet’s health conditions. For this, look for a vet you trust to make sure that everything is fine with your health.

Another point of attention is to evaluate with the professional about measures against possible problems of nausea and agitation that the animal may have during the journey. Don’t forget to also pack your pet’s travel bag, taking food and other items for daily use.

Traveling by Plane With Dog and Cat

Traveling with a pet by plane requires special attention even before the day of departure. This is because it is essential to take into account the conditions offered by airlines for the transport of domestic animals and, mainly, the law for traveling with dogs and cats.

International Travel on a U.S. Carrier

Before actually flight booking, pet owners should closely examine the airline carrier’s live pet standards and additional charges, according to the US Department of State. You must determine whether your pet will travel in-cabin, as extra baggage, or as freight. Also, before booking flights, double-check the travel policies, as they are susceptible to change at any time. Before traveling, you should check the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) policies and call them directly to confirm. Owners should request written approval of reservations made for their animal’s shipment, according to the Overseas Briefing Center (OBC).

Three Ways to Travel With Your Pet

There are three options for transporting your pet when booking an airline ticket.

  • Your pet is welcome to travel with you in the cabin or the cargo area. Both of these alternatives will charge you for your pet as extra or accompanying baggage. Not all airlines provide this service to passengers, and many impose limits on which breeds are permitted to fly. To fly in the cabin, pets must weigh less than 15 pounds, including the weight of the carrier.
  • If you book your pet on a separate aircraft, you will be charged the cargo rate, which is significantly greater than the first choice. Furthermore, some airlines do not provide this service.
  • A licensed professional shipper can transport your pet from point A to point B. You will be paying for the cargo rate as well as the shipper’s fee in this situation. Unless your pet is small enough to fit in the cabin, many airlines mandate this mode of transportation.

Lastly, due to inclement weather, certain airlines do not allow cargo to hold transit during specific times of the year. It may be necessary to postpone travel if the weather is too hot or cold. If your pet is being transported in cargo, IT must be able to stand, sit, and turn around in a durable carrier.

How to Fly With a Service Animal

According to the subject, you’ll have to check with each airline to identify the specific airline’s rules and regulations at the time of departure, which can change quickly. Your dog may lawfully fly with you in the cabin if she is recognized as a support animal to assist a person with a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. In this scenario, the Americans with Disabilities Act protects your rights. You will, nevertheless, be bound by the laws of foreign states. Some countries, for example, impose an obligatory animal quarantine time upon arrival.

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