The 10 Best Restaurants in Arkansas

Arkansas, a small state in the United States’ southern area, bills itself as “the natural state.” It tells you a lot about Arkansas’ scenery (except for undulating national parks and large woodland regions), but it also reminds you of the type of food you’ll find here. These ten restaurants pride themselves on using only the freshest ingredients and offering some of the best food in the state.

1. South on Main

South on Main is a unique cultural and culinary experience in the South. The menu provides creative takes on classic Southern dishes. A hearty dinner is a seared pork chop with sweet potato and green beans, while a classic comfort dish is duck breast with jalapeno and cheddar corn pudding. They also serve a variety of unique cocktails made with traditional Southern spirits. South on Main is also the go-to restaurant in Arkansas for fantastic entertainment, with a monthly calendar full of live music performers.

2. Table Mesa

Table Mesa is a Mexican-style restaurant with exposed masonry, a polished bar, and contemporary furniture. The bright orange paintwork contributes to the Latin motif, conjuring up thoughts of the Mexican desert, sunsets, and sunrises (at least, the tequila kind). The menu is vast and includes meals from all around Latin and South America. The Oaxaca Salmon served with chipotle shrimp and mashed potatoes exemplify some of the best Latin American flavor combinations. Other alternatives include fajitas, chimichangas, and burritos, loaded with different contents like fish, chicken, or Kobe beef.

3. Tusk & Trotter

Tusk & Trotter is an American Brasserie that prepares inventive and contemporary comfort food using seasonal ingredients. Deep-fried risotto balls and pig belly cheese sticks are two must-try appetizers. Guests can order main courses from either the brasserie or pub menus, with the former offering a somewhat more expensive – but more unique – cuisine.

4. The Hive

The Hive is appropriately posh, with costs to match. The meal begins with duck cassoulet and cured pig, followed by pan-roasted swordfish with pearl barley or hog chop with blistered cabbage and seasoned vegetables. Desserts, particularly the decadent pecan pie with buttermilk ice cream, close the evening.

5. The Cafe

The Root Cafe honors the best in community cuisine to create a sense of family through the medium of local food. The Root Cafe’s employees, who are firm believers in getting all of their ingredients locally, even include details on the farms that supply their kitchen. The cuisine is both straightforward and of exceptional quality. For lunch, guests can select from burgers, bratwursts, salads, and sandwiches.

6. Southern Gourmasian

Justin Patterson, the head chef and the owner, has worked on his food truck for several years. Southern Gourmasian isn’t your standard roadside burger stand; it’s a unique mobile food experience. Patterson got the idea for the business after serving pork buns to his friends at home; everyone encouraged him to consider a career in catering, and the rest is history. Steamed buns stuffed with pork hoisin and lime and sandwiches filled with beef brisket and sweet plum barbecue sauce are among the menu’s unusual combination of Asian and southern-state cuisine.

7. ZaZa

ZaZa is a pizza in Arkansas that makes a significant difference in sustainable dining. ZaZa’s staff works hard to gather food in the most ecologically sound way possible, with the most negligible impact on the environment and employing locally and organically produced components. Of course, you get what you put in when cooking, which is presumably why the pizzas here are so delicious. These thin and crispy pizzas, topped with various cheeses, meats, and fresh veggies, are as nutritional as tasty.

8. Ozark Country Restaurant

Ozark Country Restaurant is a renowned backstreet hangout known for its excellent breakfasts. Enjoy sweet potato, cinnamon pancakes, and superb burgers: huge meat patties served in buns with a mountain of fries.

9. Rivertowne BBQ

Rivertowne BBQ is a multi-award-winning barbecue establishment. The menu includes slow-smoked meats such as chicken, pulled pig, beef brisket, and other barbecue favorites. These can be eaten in sandwiches, jacket potatoes, or straight from the package.

10. Brown’s Country Store and Restaurant

Brown’s Country Store and Restaurant is a 100-foot-long buffet that serves a variety of American and Arkansas staples. Brown’s also has a gift shop and a traditional confectionery shop, and meals include oven-baked chicken, fried shrimp, and tender roast beef. In a conventional western-style warehouse, Brown’s is the ideal spot to pick up some souvenirs for friends and family back home.

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