The 10 Best Restaurants in Indiana

If there is still one thing Indiana residents understand how to do well, it’s eating delicious food. These ten eateries represent the authentic flavors of Indiana, with a dash of fusion sprinkled on top. Dish up!

1. Pizza King, IN

If you’re in Indiana and craving pizza, there’s no doubt that you should visit Pizza King. With our Royal Feast, Indiana has been exceedingly selfish… Although Pizza King is a franchise, every store is located in northeast central Indiana. When they say large pizza, they mean giant pizza filled with toppings. Pizza King’s flagship “everything” pizza, the Royal Feast, is extraordinarily hefty and packed with its proprietary combination of pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers. Apart from the minced ingredients that ensure a perfect bite every time, Pizza King pizza is distinguished by its square cut. Two-inch squares make eating pizza much easier, and you can have ten pieces without feeling terrible. Pizza King pizza attracts customers from all around the country. It’s a uniquely Indiana institution available only in Indiana.

2. St. Elmo Steak House, Indianapolis, IN

St. Elmo’s has been a fixture in Indianapolis since 1902. St. Elmo’s, Indiana’s oldest steakhouse, is still warm in its original site, which was once a gentlemen’s hideaway. St. Elmo’s is today known for its reputation as a competent, well-oiled machine and a combination of old and new that honors the immediately post-Victorian beginnings while drawing in the trendy people who have just spent a day at nearby Circle Center Mall and yearn for a more modern meal. Several restaurants come and go, but St. Elmo’s has been a constant.

3. Mississippi Belle, Indianapolis, IN

Every day, freshly prepared southern soul food is offered. The sweet tea is sweet, the macaroni and cheese are authentic, and the fried chicken is on par with the Colonels. You’re not here for the decor or the ambiance; you’re here for the beautiful food and the genuine charm of the wait staff. Customers had described seeing a tiny little grandma stirring a pot almost as big as she was when they peeked into the kitchen. Mississippi Belle is the place to go for comfort food with a Southern soul flavor.

4. The Eagle’s Nest at the Hyatt Regency, Indianapolis, IN

It’s undoubtedly posh, but that’s expected when you’re the state’s only rooftop revolving restaurant! The Eagle’s Nest, a fine dining restaurant and lounge in the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis, is only open for dinner service. The Eagle’s Nest is an elite gathering space for private parties and an intimate dinner for two. There is catering provided. Although it is linked to the hotel, this dining room does not allow you to eat in your jammies, so dress professionally. Reservations are required!

5. Murphy’s @ Flynn’s, Indianapolis, IN

Murphy’s @ Flynn’s is the place to go for high-end Irish-American cuisine. The quality and homecoming sense has not changed despite four changes in ownership, name, and location since 1958. It’s not a cheap restaurant, but the meal is well worth the money. Steak, seafood, gourmet salads, and beautifully prepared side dishes (such as actual onion rings coated in… Irish beer!) make for a rich feast that will stick to your ribs.

6. Fujiyama Steakhouse of Japan, Indianapolis, IN

Prepare your chopsticks… Your cook at Japan’s Fujiyama Steak House is not only a chef but also a performer. Who doesn’t enjoy pulling up a chair to a table with a hibachi as the centerpiece and a culinary acrobat who can crack an egg with the side of his spatula? This isn’t your average Asian takeout joint; it’s much more. You’re surrounded by a blend of old and modern Japan’s ambiance, the perfume of fresh cooking in the kitchen-dining area, and the joyful gasps and laughter as the chef masterfully create your meal. Fujiyama Steakhouse of Japan is a must-visit for everyone who likes Japanese cuisine.

7. Willie and Red’s Smorgasbord, Hagerstown, IN

Willie and Red’s Smorgasbord, formerly Welliver’s, in Hagerstown, Indiana, is an atmospheric restaurant with a feast for the eyes and the stomach. The quaint decor is combined with buffet-style bars of comfort food paired with more sophisticated stuff for a genuinely unique dinner. The Mill Room, a dining room with a running water wheel, and samples of visual art add color to the warm blonde wood planking that covers the walls in the freshly rebuilt Smorgasbord. The Hagerstown Smorgasbord, as long-time consumers lovingly know it, is an east-central Indiana community icon that continues to win over the souls of its diners.

8. Pangea Kitchen, Evansville, IN

Looking for something different, trendy, and tasty? The freshest local, seasonal ingredients are used to produce “clean” dishes that don’t taste like cardboard spritzed with grass-infused vinegar at Pangea Kitchen near the state’s southern tip. Pasta and the finest mozzarella are made in-house for their stunningly simple pizza and light-and-bright alternatives. This “Global Soul Food Market” is a fusion cuisine innovation that, as the name implies, puts all continents together on one plate for a unique dining experience.

9. Alexander’s Bar and Grill at the Sheraton, Indianapolis, IN

At the Sheraton on Monument Circle in Indianapolis, Alexander’s offers a spicier take on “burgers and beer.” The relaxed ambiance, rich dark wood, and mood lighting create an exclusive hotel dining experience for one or multiple people. Everything is made fresh every day, and the Southwest Bison Burger, fish, and prawns are some of the more unusual items on the menu. They don’t have a formal website or Facebook page, but they are Indiana’s sole one. You may find Alexander’s in the Monument Circle Sheraton.

10. The Kopper Kettle, Morristown, IN

The historic roadside inn (think horse-and-buggy period) has been completely renovated inside and out, with a delightful garden in the back replete with a stone fountain and rich moss. The interior is cute and elegant, with rich 19th-century designs enhanced by period art, antiques, and period-style furniture. Nooks and crannies have been constructed into the restaurant’s interior and supplied with curiosity to keep your eyes occupied as you dine on a highly excellent meal served by period-dressed servers. The Kopper Kettle is more than a family-style diner; it’s an elegant dining experience with the warmth of a charming bed & breakfast. The Kopper Kettle, located on the historic Route 52 that leads to the vast West, is on the national culinary map for an excellent reason!

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