The 10 Best Restaurants in Maryland

There are several fantastic eateries in Maryland! If you live in Maryland or are just passing through, indulge your senses at one of the state’s many delectable restaurants. We come from a long line of Watermans, and crabs are in their blood. You can find crab cakes in restaurants all around the state, or you can stop and buy live crabs from a van if you like.

That isn’t to say that seafood is the only delicious dinner available in Maryland. On the other hand, if you’re looking for great pie, Italian cuisine, or a hip brewpub, this is the spot.

1. Brick Wood Fired Bistro, Prince Frederick, MD

Do you know how Northern California maintains its organic, locally produced feeling? However, one Maryland restaurant, Brick Wood Fired Bistro, keeps it alive and well. Calvert County is home to this forward-thinking and modern cafe. Wood-fired pizza with prosciutto and caramelized onions attracts visitors from all across the state. The tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella in their Caprese salad are as natural as they came straight from your garden because they use locally sourced ingredients. You’ve found your new favorite family restaurant, complete with moderate costs and a stylish environment.

2. Ananda, Fulton, MD

Mouth-watering A cuisine includes Goa fish, classics like chicken tikka masala, palak paneer, house-made chutney, and aromatic and tasty Indian food with a modern twist. Ananda, in Fulton, serves Indian cuisine with British Raj influences, and the dining room combines old-world refinement with trendy finishes and a getaway atmosphere.

3. The Black Olive, Baltimore, MD

This organic Greek restaurant in Maryland provides superb seafood and is a must-see for anybody visiting the state. While Baltimore has many beautiful restaurants, the Black Olive serves seafood the way it was meant to be eaten: rustic and delicious. All you need is wood-fired fish seasoned with lemon and olive oil to enter your foodie paradise.

4. South County Café, Deale, MD

Deale’s South County Café’s slice of pie is like biting into a gift from the gods. When the perfect crust dissolves in your mouth, you inhale the delightful aroma of fresh fruit and cinnamon, and you bite into an apple slice that is the ideal blend of soft and crunchy; you know you’ve never had pie like this before. This is the kind of pie you dream about, but you’ll never be able to make it at home, no matter how hard you try. Just keep in mind that this is a well-kept local secret, and pies sell out rapidly.

5. Lemongrass, Annapolis, MD

Every meal at Lemongrass in Annapolis bursts with peanut sauce, spice, and a flavor explosion. Residents and visiting politicians like the fresh, superb modern Thai cuisine. If you want to enjoy a great lunch while “running into” local power people, this is the place to go. On the other hand, Lemongrass will never let you down regarding quality or flavor, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for Asian flair in a community known for traditional American meals.

6. Crabcake Factory, Ocean City, MD

In Maryland, going swimming is a hot summer tradition, and you must experience the crab cakes at Crabcake Factory while you’re there. They’ve been rated the best crab cake in Maryland. So, while you’re sunning and people-watching, get some dinner.

7. Jalapeños, Annapolis, MD

Jalapeños is one of the city’s most authentic Mexican and Spanish eateries. You may find melt-in-your-mouth fish, bold tastes, and Ropa Vieja that rivals anything found beyond the United States in an Annapolis strip mall.

8. Dutch’s Daughter, Frederick, MD

Dutch’s Daughter in Frederick is dedicated to providing customers with a fun experience, outstanding service, and leading steak and seafood, whether on a date or celebrating graduation. They’ve also been named Maryland’s third-best crab cake, so don’t miss out!

9. El Jefe Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar, Stevensville, MD

When you cross the bridge toward the Eastern Shore, you expect to eat at a seafood restaurant, but you don’t expect to pass by this fantastic Mexican restaurant. This is a top spot for south-of-the-border dining, with family favorites, a laid-back atmosphere, and mouthwatering carnitas.

10. Savage River Lodge, Frostburg, MD

Snow-capped mountains in the winter and gleaming lakes in the summer characterize Western Maryland. The Savage River Lodge is also an excellent attraction for those seeking relief from it all. After partaking in a wild game sausage trio, mountainside greens, and filet mignon at the lodge, you can walk back to your room for a sound sleep.

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