The 5 Best White Wines in Mexico That You Must Try

The best white wines in Mexico are characterized by their recognized quality in the Valle de Guadalupe and in other wine regions of the country, where excellent Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, and Chenin blanc, and Viognier wines are bred. Let us know in this article the top 5 Mexican white wines.

1. Casa Grande Gran Reserva Chardonnay Casa Madero

The Chardonnay grape is the most cultivated in Mexico and the most popular in the world for the production of white wines, due to its good performance and fruity bursts on the nose and mouth, which always please tasters. One of the Mexican wines recommended for its balanced attributes is the Casa Grande Gran Reserva Chardonnay from Casa Madero.

It is an attractive light yellow color that leaves notes of peach, green apple, pear, and pineapple on the nose, ratifying its strong fruity character on the palate accompanied by an acidity that invites you to take the next sip.

Casa Madero is a winery in the Valle de Parras (Coahuila), a terroir where the conquistadors were already making wine in the 1560s, taking advantage of its magnificent microclimate to grow noble grapes.

The house harvests its grapes manually at dawn to maximize the concentration of aromas and flavors in the fruit. This wine has an alcoholic strength of 13.8%. It should be served between 10 and 12 °C with ripe cheeses, fish and beef fillets, chicken brochettes with lemon and pepper, pasta with creamy sauces, and Mexican dishes.

2. Monte Xanic Chenin Colombard

Chenin Blanc, also called Pineau de la Loire, is a French varietal that originated in the Loire Valley around the 9th century. Some experts consider that it produces the most versatile grape in the world, as it works well in the entire spectrum of wines, including sweet, sparkling, and fortified, both in monovarietal and in blends.

This wine from the Monte Xanic winery, from Valle de Guadalupe, participates with 98%, receiving a 2% collaboration from French Colombard, another French grape that has been grown for years in Charente and Gascony. Monte Xanic Chenin Colombard is one of the best white wines in Mexico, supported by its high aromatic intensity and fresh acidity.

It has a greenish to light yellow color and is frank on the nose, leaving notes of fresh fruits such as lime, pineapple, guava, lychee, sweet grapefruit, mandarin orange, and nectarine, with hints of tuberose, orange blossom, and anise.

The wine attacks gently in the mouth with a firm body and good structure, offering pineapple, nectarine, white flowers, anise, and cardamom on the palate. It goes very well with seafood, ceviches, fresh cheeses, mild-flavored fish, sushi, carpaccios, sashimi, and salads with citrus supremes.

3. Le Sauvignon Henri Lurton

This product from the Henri Lurton Winery (Valle de Guadalupe) is a varietal Sauvignon Blanc fermented in stainless steel, without passing through the barrel and pale yellow.

Sauvignon blanc is a grape that allows excellent dry wines to be created due to its wide range of aromas and flavors, which make it one of the favorites for vinification.

On the nose, Le Sauvignon Henri Lurton is understated and elegant, with hints of grapefruit and jasmine, coupled with mineral hints and blackcurrant buds that provide a lovely extra layer of aromas. It presents great balance and freshness on the palate, with a clean and prolonged aromatic finish.

The Henri Lurton winery makes its Le Sauvignon wine with grapes harvested in the San Vicente Valley. It works with a Bucher Inertys pneumatic press that allows precise control over the pressing so that the juices are extracted without oxidation of aromas and flavors. It also carries out a cold pre-fermentation maceration that improves the aromatic profile of the wine. This wine has 13% alcohol and it is recommended to serve it in a temperature range of 8-10 °C, paired with fish, especially sea bass, shellfish, oysters, ceviches, and green salads.

4. Chasselas del Mogor

The Mogor Badan Winery was founded in 1948 on a thousand-hectare ranch in Valle de Guadalupe by the winemaker, Antonio Badán.

This renowned Mexican planted a rarity among the Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot vineyards: the Chasselas grape, a little-known white varietal of Swiss origin that produces dry and fruity wines.

The winery limited itself to just 2 labels, adding the excellent Mogor Badan red wine to the white, made with the typical Bordeaux blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and cabernet franc.

This red is an emblem of Valle de Guadalupe for its aromatic depth, complex structure, and long finish, but it is difficult to find due to its limited production.

The Chasselas del Mogor is a pale greenish-yellow hue that offers the nose light aromas of citrus fruits, especially lime, as well as green apple, peach, and leafy forest.

On the palate, it expresses itself with soft notes of apricot with a short finish and fresh, well-balanced, and elegant acidity. Fondue is a great tradition of Swiss gastronomy and nothing is more fortunate to accompany it than a wine made from a Swiss grape, which gives the happy coincidence that it suits you very well.

Chasselas del Mogor is also perfect as an aperitif and goes well with cold cuts, seafood, raclette cheese, and other dairy products.

5. Sierra Blanca Sauvignon Blanc A.Cetto

A good white wine for less than 200 pesos, which places it among the good and cheap Mexican white wines. The Sierra Blanca Sauvignon Blanc from LA Cetto is a monovarietal Sauvignon Blanc made with grapes from the Las Bellotas terroir, in Valle de Guadalupe.

It spends 75 days in French oak barrels, from which it comes out with an alcohol content of 12%. It is an attractive straw yellow color with green and slightly golden highlights. It presents floral, herbal, and citrus aromas, highlighting those of lime, with notes of toast and marshmallows. Its acidity is firm and confirms its citrus aromatic spectrum on the palate.

The bottle has a Stelvin screw cap that preserves the wine before consumption and keeps it in perfect condition after opening. This wine should be served between 10 and 12 °C. Pair with seafood, light pasta, fresh cheeses, candied fruit, mushrooms, and potato salad.

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