The 7 Best Beaches in Barbados

Barbados is known around the world for its charm and hospitality, as well as its stunning natural beauty, which includes, of course, the beautiful beaches that make this island a paradise. Barbados, however, is more than simply sunbathing and fish fry dancing (though both activities are highly encouraged.) Barbados, the Caribbean’s easternmost republic, is not protected from the ocean’s currents like the rest of the island chain, resulting in the best waves east of Fiji. Fortunately, some beaches can accommodate both novice and experienced surfers, as well as a variety of beach activities for beach bums.

1. Batts Rock Beach, Saint Michael Parish

Batts Rock Beach is a renowned snorkeling spot near Bridgetown, a buzzing Bajan resort. The waves are mild, ideal for beginners who want to put their hanging ten skills to the test. Burkie’s Surf School offers lessons, which we recommend. Alan Burke, the company’s founder, is the first professional surfer from Barbados. After that, enjoy a drink at La Cabane, a hip outdoor beach bar.

2. Paynes Bay Beach, Saint James Parish

Paynes Bay Beach, Saint James Parish
Photo by Anthony Ingham on Unsplash

Set sail for the high seas on a catamaran sunset cruise right off the shore of Saint James Parish’s Paynes Bay Beach. The sandy shoreline provides a stunning backdrop for sunset viewing, and we recommend getting a hotel at the opulent The House Barbados. The boutique hotel is known for its first-class service on the island, and we recommend taking advantage of the Beach Ambassador program while you’re there to get the most out of your time spent relaxing by the sea.

3. Animal Flower Cave, Saint Lucy Parish

Animal Flower Cave is a fantastic example of how Barbados is more than just beautiful beaches. From above, the coastline resembles Ireland’s spectacular cliffs, with waves pounding against the rocks below. In the cave’s mouth, purchase a ticket for a guided trip beneath the surface. (Sneakers are required for this journey!) Swim in the reflecting pools that gaze out over the Atlantic Ocean.

4. Crane Beach, Saint Philip Parish

Crane Beach, Saint Philip Parish
Photo by Tom Jur on Unsplash

Crane Beach, which was once a harbor, is now regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, not just in Barbados. While visiting the sandy beachfront, we recommend taking advantage of the famed surf by boogie boarding. If you’re in the mood for something a little more soothing, there’s no better use of time a day than lounging along its tranquil shores.

5. Bottom Bay Beach, Saint Philip Parish

Bottom Bay Beach is a very lovely beach located just south of Crane Beach. The beach is known for its pink coral cliffs, which make it ideal for sunbathing and admiring the tropical scenery. Visitors should be aware that the surf is quite strong, thus surf instruction and swimming excursions should be scheduled elsewhere. Keep an eye out for turtles crossing the sand and whales spouting in the distance off the shore.

6. Harrismith Beach, Saint Philip Parish

Harrismith Beach, Saint Philip Parish
Photo by Tom Jur on Unsplash

Harrismith Beach is a short walk from the sandy shoreline of Bottom Bay Beach and is accessible by foot. This lovely shoreline is well-known for its beauty, so get there early and claim your favorite place before the rest of the world (read: tourists) wake up and make their way down to this stunning coastline.

7. Archers Bay Beach, Saint Lucy Parish

The remoteness of Archers Bay Beach will delight travelers seeking a little peace. Because of the beach’s remote location, the coastline is slightly thinner, and only a few people can visit at a time. As a result, would-be sunbathers should get up early to secure their location for the day. There is no lifeguard on duty due to the modest, calm character of this beach, and visitors are recommended to exercise caution when swimming in the ocean.

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