The 8 Best Beaches in Doha, Qatar

Doha is the capital of a desert country (Qatar), so expect some beautiful, sandy beaches. Some are located in Doha and are generally associated with hotels, while others are located a short or long distance away and each provides something unique.

Please be aware that ladies should be covered from the elbows to the knees on public beaches, as the beaches are used by many local families. Bikinis are acceptable on hotel or resort beaches.

Many of the beaches mentioned are empty, so you’ll need to bring your transportation and everything you’ll need for the day.

The 8 Best Beaches in Doha
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1. Katara Beach

Katara Beach is Doha’s sole public beach and is located in the center of the city. It’s part of Katara Village’s art and culture development, and it’s oriented toward families with plenty of water activities. Water skiing, parasailing, speed boat rides, kneeboarding, and even a ride in a fake Venetian gondola are all available. The kids can play on bouncy water castles that are moored in the sea. For refreshments, there are numerous restaurants and cafés in the area.

2. Al Wakrah Beach

Al Wakrah is a public family beach and is around 25 minutes south of Doha, Qatar. This location has a lot of mangroves, which makes it a fun place to roam about and look for small fish and fauna. There are many shops and restaurants in Al Wakrah where you may have some refreshments. There are BBQ grills and playgrounds on the beach. It has a high tidal range, making it relatively shallow and unsuitable for swimming.

3. Fuwairit Beach

Fuwairit Beach is one of Qatar’s most popular beaches, located near the northern tip of the Qatar peninsula, 53 miles (85 kilometers) from Doha. The drive is well worth it for a gorgeous beach of white and pink sand studded with shells against the blue water. Please keep in mind that there are no facilities of any type nearby, so bring everything you’ll need for the day, including shade and drink. Fuwairit Beach is a hawksbill turtle nesting place and is closed between April and July during the breeding season.

4. Simaisma Family Beach

The newest beach in Doha is Simaisma Family Beach, which is located just north of the city on the road to Al Khor. There are play and picnic spaces on the sandy beach, which is shaded by a few palm trees. The sea is well out during low tide, and there are plenty of mangroves to explore. Simaisma, a little settlement in the area, offers various refreshments.

5. Umm Bab Beach

Due to the sheer clusters of palm trees sprinkled along the coast, residents refer to Umm Bab Beach on the west coast as Palm Tree Beach. Because there are minimal toilet facilities and a children’s play area, this is a popular beach for camping with families. It’s a lovely beach, with palm palms lending a Caribbean feel. On the approach to the beach, there is a tiny shop.

6. Al Thakira Beach

Al Thakira Beach is located less than an hour north of Doha and is home to one of Qatar’s largest mangrove forests, making it a shallow but intriguing beach. Bird-watching, fishing, and kayaking through the mangroves are popular activities for locals. In the town of Thakira, kayak tours can be organized, and there are restaurants and stores nearby. Bring a barbeque to cook the fresh fish, and keep an eye out for flamingos.

7. Zekreet Beach

Zekreet Beach is located on the west coast of Qatar, approximately 40 minutes from Doha. The Zekreet area is one of Qatar’s most fascinating, with rock formations, ancient digs, a fort, and even a derelict movie set. To get to the rocky beach, you’ll need a four-wheel drive, and because there are no facilities, you’ll need to bring everything you’ll need for the day. On the way, stop by the massive “East-West / West-East” artwork.

8. Sealine Beach

Sealine Beach, on the peninsula’s southern tip, is a mix of resort and public beach. One can stay for a few nights to take advantage of the beach position, or get a day pass to use the resort’s amenities, which include loungers, umbrellas, a pool, activities, and restaurants. To experience the desert, you can rent dune buggies or take long walks along the long, sandy beach.

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