The 9 Best Restaurants in Colorado

Colorado is known for its mountains and ski resorts, but the state also has some fantastic food. This list highlights the essential restaurants in Colorado that reflect the Rockies’ culture, from farm-to-table restaurants to long-standing favorites.

Denver, Colorado’s largest city, was formerly known as a “cowboy” town decades ago. The eating scene back then was dominated by large quantities of meat. New age and organic cafes are now springing up, positively contributing to the atmosphere.

Below are the top 9 restaurants in Colorado.

1. The Buckhorn Exchange

The Buckhorn Exchange
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The Buckhorn Exchange, Denver’s oldest restaurant, kicks off this list with classic Colorado meals heavy on beef. Exceptional games such as elk, buffalo, quail, and ostrich are served at this legendary restaurant. Since its inception in 1893, Theodore Roosevelt, Bob Hope, and Ronald Reagan have all graced the Buckhorn with their presence and appetites.

2. Potager

Potager Restaurant
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Potager, which translates to “kitchen garden” in French, is a farm-to-table eatery that has become a Denver institution. Potager’s New American menu emphasizes organic, fresh, and locally sourced products. As a result, the food is seasonal. Potager has something for everyone, including omnivores and vegetarians.


3. Frasca Food & Wine

Frasca Food and Wine

Frasca is a one-of-a-kind Boulder restaurant inspired by the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of northeast Italy. The dishes are known as Friulano cuisine and feature farm-fresh ingredients. The wine list, which includes over 200 options, is equally impressive.

4. The Kitchen

The Kitchen Restaurant Denver
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The Kitchen began as a friendship project in Boulder and has since evolved into one of Colorado’s most eco-friendly and fresh restaurants. The Kitchen has Boulder, Fort Collins, Denver, and, most recently, Chicago and Memphis. The restaurant’s menu focuses on farm-to-table, urban American cuisine.

5. Jax Fish House

Jax Fish House Restaurant Denver
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All because Colorado isn’t close to the shore doesn’t mean it’s devoid of fantastic seafood restaurants. Jax Fish House has established a reputation by serving sustainable seafood to Coloradans and visitors alike. Boulder, Fort Collins, Denver, and Glendale restaurants serve Jax Fish House.

6. Edelweiss German

Edelweiss German
(Image Credit: Edelweiss German Restaurant)

Since 1967, Edelweiss has been offering traditional German cuisine in Colorado Springs. Enjoy a bratwurst and a German beer in front of one of the restaurant’s three fireplaces, or relax in the Biergarten in the summer. Remember to leave space for dessert. Every delectable torte and pastry at Edelweiss is made from scratch.

7. Quincy’s Steakhouse

Quincy's Steakhouse Colorado
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Quincy’s Steakhouse, with Salida, Leadville, Buena Vista, and Florence locations, offers an economical steak. The restaurant was named Quincy’s after the first location on Leadville’s historic Quincy block, built-in 1879. Quincy’s cuisine is as straightforward as it gets, with meat-centric meals and southern sides.

8. Fruition

Fruition Denver
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Fruition, a restaurant in Denver, has quickly established itself as one of the best in the state. Alex Seidel, the chef behind Fruition, has earned prizes for his excellent cuisine. The New American farm-to-table cuisine creates a genuinely exceptional menu.

9. Abejas

Abejas Bar Colorado
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The success of Abejas in Golden can be attributed to the owners’ strong relationship. The quaint eatery offers a good wine list, creative artisan drinks, and New American meals that will satisfy any foodie.

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