The Best Luggage to Buy in 2022

If you have ever traveled with a problematic bag, you know how important it is to choose the correct design, size, and sturdiness of luggage for your trip. A good suitcase is dependable, easy to carry, and attractive. It can hold all you need for your trip while still enduring the rigors of travel, from baggage claim to rough city streets. Because not every bag is up to the job, we’ve whittled down the finest types to buy based on the best luggage companies.

Which Brand of Luggage Is the Best?

The finest luggage brands, according to users, are Away, Bric’s, and Patagonia.

Which Is Preferable, a Hard or a Soft Luggage?

Whether you plan to check your suitcase or carry it on the plane determines the best type of suitcase.

For check-in suitcases, a hard shell suitcase is recommended. These bags are frequently more robust, give better protection, and are easier to maintain than soft shell versions, despite their higher price.

We choose soft shell bags for carry-on luggage since they are less restricted in terms of capacity, allowing you to pack more. Outside pouches on these models are also common, which might be useful when traveling.

1. Best All-rounder: Away The Medium Luggage

Away’s The Medium is difficult to beat for a suitcase that checks all the boxes in terms of appearance, size, and functionality. The robust polycarbonate shell, which comes in eight easy-to-spot-on-the-conveyor-belt hues, is the key selling point. We particularly like the small size (there is a larger variant if you need it) and the 360-degree spinner wheels, which make navigating around busy airports and stations a breeze. Leather baggage tags, a secret wash bag, and a TSA-approved combination lock are all included as standard features. This check-in suitcase is guaranteed to last the distance thanks to Away’s limited warranty.

2. Best Value Luggage: American Tourister Soundbox Case

American Tourister, ranked as the best value suitcase on this list is a wonderful suitcase brand to consider if you want a high-quality alternative at a low price. Their Soundbox is a TSA-approved combination zip lock and a lightweight polypropylene hard case with four spinning wheels. The case is available in a variety of colors, including traditional black, golden yellow, and jade green, making it easy to navigate baggage claims.

3. Best Large Luggage: Rimowa Check-in L

This capacious Rimowa is intended to provide enough space for a 10-day vacation while staying lightweight and robust thanks to the polycarbonate shell. There’s a unique height-adjustable flex-divider within the shiny four-wheel case that can be altered to meet your packing needs, which is perfect for staying organized while on a lengthy trip.

4. Best Soft Luggage: TUMI Alpha 3 Worldwide Trip Expandable Suitcase

Look to Tumi if you want the mobility of a soft case for a check-in bag. Tumi is well-known and is frequently used for long-haul travel. Expect robust fabric and several pockets from this brand, as well as maximum expandability.

5. Best Budget Luggage: Scorpio Suitcase

This nifty little item features a puncture-resistant security zip, carrying straps, and a 360-degree glide, making it great for whizzing around the airport. What’s not to like about a five-year guarantee and a reasonable price?

6. Best Durable Luggage: Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Large, $686.18

It’s no coincidence that Victorinox’s casings are intended to survive, with features inspired by the Swiss Army Knife. The large Lexicon hard-side case, with the latest improvements in molding technology, a 100 percent virgin polycarbonate shell, TSA-approved combination lock, and super-recessed wheels that offer extra packing capacity, is a great choice for a strong and roomy alternative. This one is well worth the money if you travel frequently and don’t pack small.

7. Best Carry-on Luggage: Away Expandable Carry-On

There isn’t a more uncomplicated suitcase than the Away trolley bag, which comes in a variety of colors and sizes. If you’re looking for functionality, these cases were created based on the founders’ travel experiences and needs.

8. Best Compact Carry-on Luggage: Tumi Slim Carry-On

Tumi’s compact carry-on is the solution if luggage limit – or space – is a concern. The length is 55cm (suitable for most airline hand luggage restrictions), however, the width is only 20cm, making it ideal for multi-leg travels or long drives.

9. Best Overnight Luggage: Travelpro Maxlite

For quick journeys or layovers, skip the large luggage and instead for Travelpro’s tiny and lightweight choice. It has a laptop compartment and a slew of other handy pockets and pockets for all your on-the-go necessities, and as well as it’s waterproof.

10. Best Luxury Luggage: Bric’s Bellagio Case

Bric’s, which has been making travel bags and leather items out of the Lake Como region since the 1950s, is a favorite for many because it prioritizes style without sacrificing utility. The Italian firm has updated the vintage-style travel trunk with practical features including a front compartment with a USB port, a zipped inside, and four 360-degree spinner wheels for their Bellagio case. For check-in, the case is also offered in 76cm and 88cm sizes.

11. Best Luggage Set: Antler Clifton Set

We adore Antler’s Clifton hard case set, which features three distinct sizes that all nest inside the next one up for simple storage, whether you’re traveling as a family and want matching cases or require many cases for one trip. All three cases come with all of the modern conveniences you might want, such as a twist-grip handle and a TSA-approved combination lock, as well as a variety of stylish colors.

12. Best Designer Suitcase: Louis Vuitton Horizon 50

There’s no better way to arrive in style than with a Louis Vuitton case, and the iconic LV logo always receives the fashion seal of approval. With its wheels, ultra-light canvas, and leather trim, this design screams ingenuity.

13. Best Staycation Suitcase: Liberty London

Liberty London’s floral print, inspired by the British countryside, will help you get ready for your trip. Each case is handcrafted in the Czech Republic by Kazeto, a traditional box and case maker, founded in 1925, with wooden hardware and metal embellishments.

14. Best Trunk Suitcase: Fendi Rigid Suitcase

The vertical trunk case has a deliciously retro feel to it. The luggage folds out to show those nicely folded papers, well-ironed stripe pajamas, perfectly ordered toiletries, and perhaps even slippers, making it ideal for the business-class lounge as well as overnight breaks. The only change from the 1980s is that the Filofax has been replaced by a laptop, which is securely stored in the quilted pocket.

15. Best Kid’s Suitcase: Trunki Children’s Ride-on Suitcase

Anytime fun and utility collide, it’s a lovely thing, particularly if it keeps tiny brains focused while traveling. There are lots of these kinds of ride-on bags for kids on the market however Trunki tops the field in regards to quality and availability. The sturdy plastic shell is more durable than most, and the horn handles, saddle seat, and extra Trunki strap provide a comfortable ride for parents. The ingenious plastic security catch gives small hands-free access while also allowing parents to lock it when needed. Our favorite design is the ladybird, although there are plenty of other bright possibilities, such as a tiger, bee, and fire engine. It’s the ideal travel present for young adventurers.

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