The Most Powerful Passports in the World (2022)

Most Powerful Passports in the World

Per the Henley Passport Index, Japan and Singapore seemed to have the two most powerful passports in the world for 2022.

Passport holders from the two countries, which tied for first place in 2021 can access 192 various nations throughout the world without a visa, excluding the impact of COVID-19-related constraints. They were closely followed by Germany and South Korea, who tied for the second position with visa-free entry to 190 countries.

The Henley Passport Index compiles its ranks using data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

With visa-free or visa-on-arrival entrance to 186 countries, the United States and the United Kingdom tied for sixth place. The United States finished sixth in 2020.

In the 2022 ranking, Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, and Switzerland tied for sixth place.

While several countries improved their ranks, the business stated that this year’s index revealed the largest difference in global mobility since its inception 17 years ago. On the other end are countries like Afghanistan, where passport holders can only visit 26 visa-free destinations, and Mozambique, which was one of the nations included in the temporary US travel ban on southern African countries following the emergence of the omicron variant, and can only visit 62 visa-free destinations.

Top 10 Most Powerful Passports in the World:

  • First: Japan and Singapore (192 countries)
  • Second: Germany and South Korea (190 countries)
  • Third: Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Spain (189 countries)
  • Fourth: France Netherlands and Sweden (188 countries)
  • Fifth: Ireland and Portugal (187 countries)
  • Sixth: Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, United Kingdom, and the United States of America (186 countries)
  • Seventh: Australia, Canada, Czech Republic Greece, and Malta (185 countries)
  • Eight: Hungary and Poland (183 countries)
  • Ninth: Lithuania and Slovakia (182 countries)
  • Tenth: Latvia and Slovenia (181 countries)

Bottom 5:

  • Somalia (34 countries)
  • Yemen (33 countries)
  • Pakistan (31 countries)
  • Syria (29 countries)
  • Iraq (28 countries)
  • Afghanistan (26 countries)
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