The Top 10 Beaches in Seychelles

The Seychelles archipelago consists of 115 islands with clear blue oceans and pristine beaches for everyone to enjoy. From water sports to nature reserves, there is enough to do on the magnificent atolls that constitute this amazing tropical haven. Use this guide to help you choose among the cream of the crop beaches in what has been dubbed “the country of endless summer.”

1. Anse Lazio

Praslin Island, the second-largest of the Seychelles Islands, is home to the beautiful Anse Lazio beach. Because it is conveniently accessible by car or bus, Anse Lazio attracts both tourists and locals. The beach, though, still offers enough privacy for lounging on its white sand beach. It’s nestled between two granite rocks and provides a wonderful backdrop for relaxing. There are also a variety of lovely underwater views of abundant coral, which are ideal for snorkelers.

2. Anse Cocos Beach

Anse Cocos Beach, also on the east shore of La Digue island, provides guests with a bit of seclusion as well as more snorkeling opportunities in its quiet, shallow waters. It should be warned that getting to the quiet beach requires some hiking, around a half-hour walk. The trip is well worth it because of the sights of large granite slabs and crystal blue waterways.

3. Beau Vallon

Beau Vallon is the longest beach on Mahe island’s northern coast, and it’s still one of the most renowned, with a large selection of restaurants, guest homes, and water activities to enjoy. While this lovely beach misses the remoteness of many of Seychelles’ other well-known beaches, it more than makes up for it in the bustle. Locals serve Creole delicacies and drinks, and there is live music nearby.

4. Anse Source d’Argent

The famous La Digue island’s Anse Source d’Argent is among the world’s most filmed beaches. It has one of the most diverse beach settings, with crystal blue waters ideal for snorkeling and a picture-perfect landscape dominated by dominating granite rocks. Anse Source d’Argent has appeared in several films, including “Crusoe” and “Cast Away.”

5. Anse Georgette

Along the northwest coast of Praslin Island, Anse Georgette beach offers an amazing expanse of white sand beach. It’s on the grounds of the five-star Constance Lemuria Resort, so tourists who aren’t hotel guests should prepare ahead to visit the beach. Admission can be arranged through the resort, or you can arrive by boat. Anse Georgette is another excellent choice for snorkelers and those seeking gorgeous scenery, as the area’s wonderfully formed granite boulders create spectacular views.

Top 10 Beaches in Seychelles
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6. Petite Anse

Petite Anse is a smaller north-facing beach on Mahe with spectacular views of the mainland’s lush highlands and shoreline. The Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, which stretches along the beach’s cove, is the most well-known feature in Petite Anse. Petite Anse, like other beaches in Seychelles, is still open to the general public. The stunning blue seas are ideal for sunbathing or enjoying a meal from the renowned resort.

7. Anse Louis

Although Anse Louis, a secluded, little, hidden bay, is not as well-known as other Seychelles beaches, it is well worth a visit for its breathtaking views. It is located close to Anse Boileau on Mahe’s west coast, which is Seychelles’ largest island. The water is deeper here than in most other parts of the island, making it perfect for swimming and surfing. Although the ultra-private MAIA Luxury Spa & Resort shares a portion of its coastline, visitors can enjoy full access to Anse Louis’ expanses of white sand beaches.

8. Anse Volbert Beach

Owing to its unspoiled white sand, crystal clear blue waters, and gorgeous background of palm trees matching it to offer enough shade for lounging, Anse Volbert beach is Praslin’s most popular beach. It is also known for a variety of activities such as scuba diving, fishing, sailing, snorkeling, and surfing. It has quiet, shallow waters, making it an excellent swimming spot. The beach is also lined with eateries, making it a fantastic getaway for friends and relatives on holiday in Seychelles.

9. Anse Intendance

Green and lush Anse Intendance, on Mahe’s southern shore, is noted for having one of the lushest settings on the entire island. While Anse Intendance is a public beach, the famous Banyan Tree resort is also located along the shore, and the five-star resort offers some of the greatest stretches of sand. Anse Intendance is a surfer’s dream, but the beautiful palm palms, white sand, and granite boulders draw a diverse range of beachgoers.

10. Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon Beach is among the world’s most exclusive and private beaches. It’s on North Island, a high-end private island resort where a night in one of the 11 villas may cost upwards of $5,000. The only way of gaining entry to the resort’s private beach is to be a valued visitor. Views of the rugged Silhouette island, the third-largest of the Granitic Seychelles islands, can be enjoyed from the beach.

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