Top 13 Destinations for Summer Vacation in Europe

Finally, there is easing again, and traveling seems possible again this summer. Certainly not as we knew it, but at least we can explore Germany again, and many travel destinations in Europe are looking forward to vacationers again. Finally, out of your own four walls and see something different again. It doesn’t always have to go to another continent. Europe also has a lot of beautiful vacation spots to offer, and from Germany, you can get to a lot of summer destinations by bus and train. Traveling is also sustainable.

Are you still looking for inspiration for a short trip or a more extended holiday in Europe this year? Then, by all means, read on because we are sharing our top 13 destinations for your summer vacation in Europe with you below.

1. Barcelona, ​​Spain

For us, Barcelona should not be missing from any bucket list. Our whole heart city also impresses in summer with unique architecture, the best bars in Europe, Mediterranean vibes combined with big-city flair, and dream beaches in the immediate vicinity.

If you want to swim at a fantastic beach, we recommend taking the train to the towns of Sant Pol de Mar, Sitges, Castelldefels or the Costa Brava. The city beach of Barcelona is also suitable for relaxing, but if you have more time, treat yourself to a day trip.

2. Sardinia, Italy

The Italian island is one of the top must-see destinations in Europe. Some of the beaches in Sardinia almost rival the Caribbean. There are also small romantic towns and villages, the best gelato globally, and typically Italian cuisine.

We recommend renting a car and discovering the north of the Italian dream island with a road trip. Here you can find out which places and beaches you should not miss.

3. Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve has excellent road trip potential for me. Maybe Portugal is already on your list of the most beautiful travel destinations in Europe? Then let’s go! High cliffs, surfing, and crystal clear water on beautiful beaches.

4. Cyclades, Greece

The Greek Cyclades Islands are perfect for island hopping. Santorini, Mykonos, and Co. are super easy to reach with regular ferry connections and invite you to snorkel, swim and dive. A diverse dream travel destination for your summer vacation.

5. Ibiza & Formentera, Spain

We have discovered something new every time we visit Ibiza. It is so much more than partying and electronic music. There are many beautiful beaches and cute little villages to explore.

The smallest Balearic island, Formentera, can be reached by ferry from Ibiza Town in just under 40 minutes and offers what are probably the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Rent a scooter, and let’s go!

6. Taghazout, Morocco

Not all of Europe, but just as easy to get to as southern Spain. Camels on the beach, white houses, palm trees, and waves are perfect for surfing. Taghazout is still one of the insider tips this year, so check out this destination.

7. Lofoten Islands, Norway

The Lofoten Islands consist of about 80 islands. A lot to discover. If you want to spend your summer vacation away from the tourist crowds, the archipelago is something for you. Sea, mountains, small wooden huts by the lake, and soothing tranquility await you. The perfect travel destination this summer.

8. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik in southern Croatia is particularly well-known for its old town, which is still surrounded by the old city wall and houses fascinating buildings from a wide variety of eras.

From here, you can discover the stunning national parks of Krka and Plitvice Lakes and the islands of Mljet, Šipan, Lokrum, and the Paklinski Islands.

9. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is already an absolute hit in winter. Still, in summer, you can discover the many viewing platforms, the excellent food, and the impressive old town without trembling and in complete peace.

Relax in the many cafés and terraces of the trendy district of Telliskivi Loomelinnak between street art and excellent shops. And if you feel like it, you can take the ferry to Finland in no time.

10. Budapest, Hungary

There are many delicious vegan restaurants and small shops to browse, and the flair is simply indescribable. This is where history meets modernity, and this combination is damn seductive.

In summer, there are events, concerts, and festivals (probably possible again this year) on every corner.

11. Cornwall, UK

Cornwall experienced an incredible boom a few years ago, but fortunately, it hasn’t harmed the charming region.

Here you can spend days hiking through incredible landscapes, such as moorland and cliffs, snorkeling with seals, surfing, relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sun, feasting, and more—an excellent destination for the summer of 2022.

12. Malta, Malta

More than 6,000 years of moving history, dream beaches, boat trips, delicious wine, and impressive buildings and fortresses await you on Malta and the three other islands.

Due to the ideal location, you have an absolute sun guarantee here in summer to recharge your batteries.

13. Prague, Czech Republic

Compared to other European capitals like Paris or London, Prague is still totally underestimated in my opinion. The “city of a hundred towers” impresses with diverse beer culture, history, beautiful buildings, and many potential favorite places.

You should plan at least three to four days for a trip to Prague this summer if you ask me. Sascha and I were there in January.

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