Top 7 Hiking Destinations In Porto Alegre, Brazil

Are you in doubt about where to run in Porto Alegre? So get ready to be surprised by the quantity and also the quality of the places where the gauchos run.

Explore every mile of running in a beautiful city, super well maintained, flat, wooded, and with excellent weather. You will fall in love with the quality of life that Porto Alegre offers to those who run!

Check out our list of places to run in Porto Alegre below. But remember that we do not intend, by far, to list all the places to run in the city, but the ones that we consider the most interesting and varied.

1. Guaíba Waterfront

The Guaíba waterfront is one of the main tourist attractions in Porto Alegre and also one of the favorite places for amateur runners, who train mainly in the late afternoon, contemplating the sunset in its waters.

There you can run all kinds of training, from intervals to long runs. On the traditional Pista do Gasómetro, one of the most popular stretches, there is a 5 km flat route, with demarcations every 100m.

A super pleasant place to run, with great structure, which includes drinking fountains, parking, good lighting, public restrooms, and several commercial kiosks. Orla do Guaíba is one of the most heavily policed ​​spots in the city, something important for those who like to run at night.

2. Brazilian Marine Park

Close to Orla do Guaíba, Parque Marinha do Brasil is also a great option for running in Porto Alegre. With dirt floors and a very wooded environment, the place hosts several street racing events, with routes that can vary from 5 to 10 km along the more than 70 hectares of the site.

What’s more in between training sessions, you can rest/slow down and enjoy a beautiful sculpture garden. If you go in the afternoon, be sure to contemplate the unmissable sunset!

The place is open all day to the public and has a good structure of toilets, drinking fountains, and lighting. A flat place, super suitable for walking or starting to run.

3. Redenção Park (Farroupilha)

Another wooded place with great infrastructure to run alone or in the company is Parque da Redenção, also known as Parque Farroupilha. The complete lap is a dirt track, with 2.5 km. But it is also possible to run different paths within the park.

During the night, the park is less crowded, which is unfavorable for safety. However, on Saturdays and Sundays, it becomes a meeting point for athletes, families, and groups of friends. Thus, it is interesting to organize yourself to make the most of this traditional place to run in Porto Alegre.

4. Ramiro Souto Track

If you are looking for soft floors to train your street race, Ramiro Souto may be the best place in Porto Alegre. With an athletics track of 400 meters and a charcoal floor, the place offers a great structure for interval and shooting training.

Located in Parque da Redenção, the track is open 24 hours a day, something very convenient for those who have little time to train during business hours.

During the day, the place is very prestigious for runners who practice shooting. However, it is interesting to remember that the place does not have much movement and lighting at night. Therefore, at alternative times, prefer training in larger groups.

5. Park (Moinhos de Vento Park)

Parcão could not be left out of the list of places to run in Porto Alegre. Located in the noble neighborhood of Moinhos de Vento, this is one of the favorite places for the gauchos to practice both running and various other sports and leisure.

The space has plenty of trees and a lake full of ducks and turtles, which is great for combining training with a family outing, picnic with friends, or a walk with pets, in a peaceful environment full of contact with nature.

It is not by chance that it was in this space that the first running groups in the city were formed. In Parcão it is possible to run both inside and outside, with a dirt track and laps up to 800m.

Open all day, the place has well-structured drinking fountains, toilets, and benches throughout the park, in addition to excellent lighting. A perfect place for light and rhythm training.

6. Encol Square (Carlos Simão Arnt Square)

Praça Carlos Simão Arnt is better known locally as Praça da Encol. A space that attracts the attention of street racers, as it has a wide sidewalk and concrete to carry out the lighter and rhythm training, with laps of about 1km.

However, it is important to remember that on weekends the place is quite busy and inadvisable for those who need to impose a faster pace in the race.

On the other hand, those who choose the square have a super well located, safe, well maintained, and illuminated environment. Excellent option, even for those who like to run at night. Remember that, in winter, the sun sets early and the cold temperature can be quite challenging.

7. Germania Park

Another place with concrete and sidewalks to run on is Parque Germania, located in Jardim Europa. The back of the park is flat and is almost 2 km long, but it is possible to extend the training in the surroundings, following Avenida Nilo Peçanha to the Country Club or further on, completing laps with 5 or 10 km in the region.

Those who choose to stay inside the park will not be bored with the beautiful path that, in addition to everything, also has enough space for educational training and strengthening outdoors on a beautiful and wide lawn.

A very eclectic space, great for running, walking, playing sports on the court, walking with pets, or simply having a mate while enjoying the scenery. In other words, it is the perfect destination to go in the company of those who have not yet run, as waiting for your training will not be a problem in the beautiful landscapes and good structure of the place, which has drinking fountains, toilets and kiosks, open daily from 6 am to 6:30 pm.

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