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Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Many local businesses can’t see themselves investing — and getting results — with a Digital Marketing strategy. The reason? To think that the strategy is restricted to large companies, with national operations, and with large budgets.

What many may not know is that it is possible, yes, to take advantage of online dissemination, even acting locally. For this, it is enough to adapt the strategy, using the internet to attract consumers who are in the same region as the company.

Want to find out how to do Digital Marketing for local businesses that work? Follow the tips in this article.

Why does Digital Marketing Bring Results to Local Businesses?

How many times have you searched the internet to find a particular establishment in your region? Whether you are looking for a restaurant, bakery, pet shop, store, dentist, or hairdresser, it is common to search online to discover good options close by.

Often, the local business chosen is the one that appears in the top positions of the search and that offers information such as opening hours, address, telephone, photos, and customer reviews, as well as links to the website and social networks.

And that’s where Digital Marketing comes in, a set of strategies that serve to promote a company on the internet. When applied to local businesses, this form of advertising serves to make your business easier to find. But it does not stop there. Through Digital Marketing, local businesses can also become a reference in the area in which they operate, attract more consumers and differentiate themselves from the competition.

If a person searches, for example, for “beard oil” and finds a website that, in addition to talking about the services offered, also has a blog with tips for taking care of the beard, the chances of this content winning the public increase. This not only generates greater relevance in search results but also conveys an image of professionalism on the part of the company, do you agree?

And the best thing is that, compared to more traditional strategies, such as advertising on TV, radio, billboards, and pamphlets, internet marketing is much more accessible.

How to Build a Digital Marketing Strategy for Local Businesses

Investing in Digital Marketing for your local business is not difficult. But to get results, you have to do consistent work. Here are some practical tips:

  • Create a Google My Business Account

Google My Business is a tool that helps your business to be found in Google and Google Maps searches. It is from this registration that your local business will appear in the results with complete information.

In addition, Google My Business also allows the business to interact with customers and access data on how customers search for the business, as well as other relevant information.

  • Keep Your Social Networks Active

Google My Business is the minimum presence that a local business should have on the internet. But you can go further and create profiles on social networks, always focusing on those your target audience is. If your consumers are adults, for example, it doesn’t make sense to focus on platforms whose majority of users are teenagers.

After seeing the property information on Google, it is common for people to want to dig deeper. For this, they use the company’s website or social networks. Therefore, your pages must be well updated, which demonstrates that your company is active.

On social media, local businesses can include information about menus, available courses, and other news. These platforms are also interesting to carry out actions such as sweepstakes and contests and, of course, to communicate with the public, whether in the comments or ask questions by message.

  • Encourage Reviews

Now that you have pages on Google My Business and social media, it’s time to encourage reviews, which can be done on Google or sites like Facebook. Having positive reviews can be deciding between a customer choosing your business or the competition. That’s why it’s important to win them over.

Don’t be afraid: if you offer quality products and services, combined with good service, positive reviews are likely to predominate. So, when finalizing a sale, kindly ask the customer to evaluate your business on the internet to give that strength.

  • Invest in SEO

Investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for any company that has a website and wants it to be found on Google by potential consumers.

If you have a website, how about optimizing it? To have good Digital Marketing results for local businesses, it is important, first, to have a page that fits different devices, such as computers and cell phones — mobile searches, by the way, are quite common when it comes to local searches.

Another tip is to invest in local SEO, which, in addition to search engines, takes into account geolocation and social networks, so that you can be found by those who search in your region.

  • Make Targeted Ads

Organic traffic is important, but you can also enjoy the benefits of targeted ads, which are another interesting possibility of Digital Marketing for local businesses.

In online ads, you can invest whatever amount you have available. In order not to waste money, it’s important to bid on keywords that drive consumers to your business. It is possible to create campaigns that include your city or even neighborhood, for example, “Compton restaurant”.

These ads can be made in Google results, but you can also use social networks. Facebook and Instagram are two networks that allow location-targeted ads, and you can invest an amount that fits your budget.

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