4 Tips to Develop Growth Mindset

4 Tips to Develop Growth Mindset

How to Develop a Positive Growth Mindset

In the face of any situation, in your daily life, how do you usually react? Do you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist? Did you know that the way you think and face the facts says a lot about the way you work and generate results? That’s why the Growth Mindset is being so valued in the market.

What is a Growth Mindset?

We can say that a person who follows this advice has a Growth Mindset. People with a growth mindset:

  • They embrace challenges;
  • They persist in the face of obstacles;
  • They see effort as a path to mastery;
  • They learn from criticism;
  • They find lessons and inspiration in the success of others.

As a result of this way of looking at life, they have better results and reach higher levels of performance and personal and professional fulfillment. A powerful recipe for anyone who wants to succeed in life and work.

An important characteristic of the growth mindset is the way it handles failure. In fact, for this kind of mindset, there is no such thing as failure. They are people who look at the world with the eyes of an apprentice. Everything can be learned and developed.

But, far from self-help, a Growth Mindset is about developing skills, ways of working and generating results, and posture in the face of everyday situations, which take you to another level.

Tips to Develop Growth Mindset

If you’ve come this far and, after reading everything, identify with the fixed mindset, that’s fine. You don’t need to turn a switch to have a Growth Mindset or open your head and change “modes”.

Everyone can develop this posture from practices that are perfectly applicable in their daily lives. Here are 4 tips to get you started today.

1. Replace “Failure” with Learning

It is worth mentioning the “Culture of Error”, already adopted in many organizations. In school, since childhood, in companies, and life, we were very educated to just get it right. The mistake led to a scolding, a low grade, disapproval, or dismissal.

Companies that cultivate error are fertile environments for people with a growth mindset. In this case, failures are seen as great opportunities for learning and continuous improvement.

Be sad because you made a mistake? To consider that the “battle” is lost because of a single mistake? Feeling like a failure? These are the attitudes of someone with a fixed mindset.

To feed your growth mindset, look at mistakes as part of the process to get the results you want. And the main thing: how much can you learn from these mistakes.

2. Value the Path to the Result

Have you ever heard that phrase: “The path is more important than the destination”? That’s it. Sometimes we get so obsessed with the result, with achieving the goals we set, that we forget to enjoy the process. , how we got there.

Value your process, which involves ups and downs, good and bad times, mistakes, successes, and learning. A growth mindset involves taking advantage of the path and enjoying the results as a result of a constant growth process.

3. View Recognition as a Consequence

We talked at the beginning of this article that a Growth Mindset is about finding lessons and inspiration in the success of others. And it also has to do with stopping all the time chasing your recognition

People with a growth mindset focus on learning, continuous improvement, and development rather than ego strengthening. They are so focused on learning to generate results, that success and, consequently, recognition, inevitably come with time.

4. Be Open to Feedback

Feedbacks are an excellent tool for your evolution. See criticism as an opportunity to grow. Consider the views of people around you who like you, care about your growth, and want to achieve results as much as you do.

Be open to listening to people, ask for feedback and, above all, consider this feedback in your next actions. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to adapt by incorporating feedback if it is an improvement.

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