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Sunflag (Nig.) Ltd.

Company name

Sunflag (Nig.) Ltd.

28 Eric Moore Rd., Iganmu, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone Number
+234 1 583 0650
+234 1 610 902
Working hours
Weekday: 08:00 – 17:00  
Sunflag started its textile operations in Nigeria in the year 1961. It is one of the largest home textiles Company in the whole of West Africa with world class manufacturing facilities. It is fully integrated from ginning operations to spinning, weaving and finishing.

Extending beyond the value chain as part of it backward integration strategy, a Ginnery was commissioned in the year 2009 to process the cotton grown in the Northern belt of the Nigeria to feed the spinning mills located at Ikorodu, Lagos. The ginning plant produces poly-cleaned cotton which is essential for achieving quality and efficiency in the spinning operations.

Yarn Spinning
The Spinning Units have more than 4500 modern Open End Rotors and over 20,000 Ring Spindles and features as one among the most modern plants in the world. The Spinning equipment is sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers creating efficiencies which rank the unit in the top 5% of the plants in the world.

Sunflag is also a major producer of circular knitted fabrics and warp knitted fabrics with manufacturing machines supplied by leading manufacturers. The Group produces fabrics for products ranging from garments to mosquito nets.

The Group has more than 200 looms which include the latest Airjets, Rapiers and Projectiles produced by the best European manufacturers. Sunflag produces a wide range of woven fabrics from shirting, suiting, towels to industrial fabrics and home furnishing.

Dyeing, Finishing and Printing
The Group has the latest computer controlled dyeing, finishing and printing facilities. It has the capability to produce a whole range of dyed and printed products with the finishes as demanded by the discerning market. Sunflag has specialized in designing a comprehensive range of African Print, Mattress Cover,Towels and Bed Sheet fabrics utilizing the latest computer design techniques from an extensive library of designs.

Yarn dyeing and Sewing thread
Sunflag has the capacity to process lot sizes of 1kg to 300kgs in its yarn dyeing facilities. The plants have sophisticated laboratories to test colour, washing, light, rubbing fastness, etc. They also have state-of-the-art Radio Frequency (RF) driers for drying the dyed yarn which can handle both synthetic and cotton yarns. The Group has also expanded into making sewing thread, producing a range of single and double yarn in a comprehensive range of colours.

Sunflag Group has been continuing its expansion and diversification activities from Textile to Steel industry in Nigeria by establishing two steel mills under the name of Sunflag Steel Nigeria Limited and Sagamu Steel Ltd.