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Karl Wolf Net Worth

Karl Wolf Net Worth

What is Karl Wolf’s Net Worth?

Net Worth: $16 Million
Age: 43
Date of Birth: April 18, 1979
Country: Lebanon
Profession: Musician


Karl Wolf is an accomplished musician. Since 2001, he has worked as a singer and songwriter.

Wolf’s debut solo album, ‘Face Behind the Face,’ was published in 2006 through MapleNationawide/Universal. The next year, he released a second album, named ‘Bite the Bullet.’ ‘Nightlife,’ his third album, was published in 2009.

Karl Wolf’s net worth is expected to be at $16 million in 2022.

Karl Wolf Formative Years

Carl Abou Samah was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on April 18, 1979.

Samah was born into a musical family. His mother was a piano teacher, while his father was a guitar player. Due to the civil strife in Lebanon, they migrated to Dubai.

He went to school in the United Arab Emirates. His stage name is derived from a moniker he acquired as a member of his high school basketball team since he was the tiniest. Samah also stated that one of the reasons he began his musical career was because of his mother and father.

Karl Wolf Career

Wolf began a solo career in 2005, and his debut album, ‘Face Behind the Face,’ was released in 2006. It charted in Canada’s Top 100 and had two popular singles, ‘Butterflies’ and ‘Desensitize.’ In 2007, he released his second studio album, ‘Bite the Bullet.’

‘Africa,’ his first single off the album, was a reworking of Toto’s worldwide classic, ‘Africa.’ The song reached number one on the iTunes charts and stayed at number two for four weeks.

It is one of the factors why the song has become one of the most popular singles of all time. It reached the top of the MuchMusic Top 30 Countdown charts and was also a hit in Japan.

He signed a new recording contract with the Universal Republic after a few years, and then a worldwide agreement with Universal Music Canada in 2011.

Wolf released another album, ‘Stereotype,’ in 2014, and followed it up with ‘WOW,’ in 2015. He released his tenth album, 2 AM Vibes, in 2021.

Karl Wolf’s net worth is expected to be at $16 million in 2022.

Memorable Moments:

  • In 2007, he released Africa Song.
  • In 2007, he published Carrera Song.
  • He released the single Yalla Habibi in 2009, the album Ghetto Love in 2011, the album Finally Free in 2012, the song Get Away in 2021, and the album 2 AM Vibes in 2021.


Karl Wolf, a well-known Lebanese-Canadian musician, is a well-known Lebanese-Canadian musician. In 1979, Wolf was born in Lebanon. When he was three years old, he and his family relocated to Dubai. Both of his parents are musicians.

He’s known for his incredible abilities, and he began his career writing music and singing backup for Dubmatique. Wolf is an excellent example of someone who has achieved success via hard work and perseverance.

Karl Wolf’s net worth is expected to be at $16 million in 2022.

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