Betty Sandler Murder: Is She Dead Or Alive? Here are all the updates on Betty, whose near to murder case had caused a stir back in the day! 

Betty Sandler faced quite an ill fate back in 2005 after her husband hired a hitman to kill her.

On top of facing a nasty divorce and the legal proceedings, she became the center of attention due to her husband’s shocking decision to kill her.

Her former husband is Glenn Sandler, who caused all the commotion in the media.

The Sandler couple’s case has often hit the news while NBC’s “Dateline” did not shy away from producing an episode on their case.

Stay tuned to get full details into what exactly happened in 2005.

Betty Sandler Murder: Is She Dead Or Alive?

Betty Sandler is alive despite a shocking murder motive on her.

In 2005, her husband, Glenn, had hired a hitman to kill her as he had no intention of paying her $2.5 million in the divorce settlement.

All thanks to the hitman, who turned out to be a cop faking as a hitman to catch Glenn, a drug smuggler.

Behind the scene of his wealthy lifestyle as a successful businessman, Glenn was involved in transporting drugs.

Hence, the fake hitman later arrested Glenn under the charges of a drug case and attempted murder.

Thus, the cop saved Betty’s life and helped her live her life even today.

Betty Sandler Dateline: Did Glenn Sandler Actually Murder Her?

Betty Sandler’s case got featured on Dateline.

The 2007 court hearing proved that her husband, Glenn failed in killing her.

Betty’s current whereabouts are not accessible at the moment.

She has been known for maintaining her silence since the court days.

While the court matters wrapped in 2007, the Sandler couple lost their 22-year-old in a motorcycle accident in 2006.

Thus, time went rough for her for a few more years until she completely vanished from the limelight.

Where Is Betty Sandler Husband Glenn Sandler Now?

Betty Sandler’s former husband, Glenn Sandler’s current whereabouts, are not on display.

He was sentenced to 15 years in prison for cocaine trafficking and solicitation to commit murder.

In 2007, he paid a $250,000 fine and forfeited his four-seater Mooney M20J airplane and a motorcycle as part of his plea agreement.

Moreover, Glenn got dismissed for the third count of attempted first-degree murder against Betty in the plea exchange.

Thus, his 15-years prison sentence got lowered down. Likewise, he has remained lowkey since 2007, and his other criminal stories are not on display.


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