Neil Robertson who is a snooker player is suffering from an Illness called Pulsatile Tinnitus. To learn more about his health read the full article below.

Neil Robertson is a professional snooker player who is from Australia. Therefore, he is also a former world champion and world number one as well.

Well, he is the only Australian to win a ranking tournament and the only player from outside the United Kingdon to clinch the snooker Triple Crown in the gaming history.

Indeed, he has set a new record by being the first player to make 100 centuries in a single season, with a total of 103 centuries. However, fans are curious to know about the Illness that he is suffering from.

Snooker: Neil Robertson Illness & Health Update 2022

Regarding the Illness of Neil Robertson, he is suffering from an Illness called Pulsatile Tinnitus. Because of this Illness, he has struggled with pulsatile tinnitus in his ears, which causes dizziness and balance issues.

Although he feels unable to compete for even his championship defense as well. Last month, he was shocked to lose 6-2 to amateur John Astley in the first round of the UK Championship.

It has happened when the ear detects a change in blood flow in surrounding blood vessels, pulsatile tinnitus develops in his health as well.

The arteries and veins in the neck, base of the skull, and the ear itself are among them whereas Neil has said that it has become hard for him to play more because of his Illness.

Neil Robertson Suffering From Depression

Nels Robertson who was one of the most cheerful players in the snooker gaming team is now suffering from depression which might be because of his Illness and career.

Therefore, his Illness has made his game hard in playing and caused serious problems time and time again. So the player has also decided to take a break for now and try to recover.

Furthermore, he used to play daily in his gaming career but now all of sudden his illness became the main cause of leaving the game for a while.

Does Neil Robertson Wear A Wig?

No, Neil Robertson doesn’t wear any wig as of now. His hair is just like yours and mine, and it is not a wig or a fake. Therefore, he ascended to third place in the global rankings as well.

And his hairdo drew more attention in the public. When he comes up to the table, the snooker champion usually has his blonde fastened hair and brushed to one side as per his looks.

But for the major occasion in Wales, he went for some curl, partially letting his hair down as the springy strands covered to head which became the highlight.


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