Kathleen McCormack was the first wife of an American convict and real estate magnate, Robert Durst. Here is a total update on her murder case including the details on her family. 

A convicted killer and real estate heir, Robert Durst has passed away at the age of 78 on January 10, 2022. The suspected serial killer was doing his time at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s California Health Care Facility.

A long-time suspected serial killer, Durst was convicted of killing his first wife, Kathleen McCormack as well. After she mysteriously vanished in 1982, her case was left hanging until the jury announced her husband guilty in 2021.

Who Was Kathleen McCormack? Robert Durst First Wife Wikipedia

Kathleen McCormack was the first wife of American real estate magnate, Robert Durst.

The couple was together for more than 11 years until Kathleen disappeared in 1982. Having first met each other in 1971, they started living together within months.

And after 2 years in 1973, they shared the marital vows and were pronounced as man and wife.

Moreover, Durst filed for divorce in 1990, eight years after her disappearance.

Trial: Kathleen McCormack Murder Case Update: What Happened?

Kathleen McCormack disappeared and was allegedly murdered in 1982.

A final-year medical student at the time, the soon-to-be pediatrician disappeared on January 31, 1982. She was last seen at her friend’s party where she reportedly showed odd behavior.

Moreover, McCormack had been admitted to the hospital with bruises that were caused by her husband. She wanted a divorce and couldn’t press any charges against her husband out of fear.

Almost after a month of her disappearance, her belongings were found in her apartment building’s trash compactor. She was declared dead only in 2017, almost 34 years after she vanished.

Kathleen McCormack Children: Family Details To Know

Kathleen McCormack didn’t bear any children.

Following her death, her parents and her family did their best to get justice for her. Her family believed that it was her husband, Durst who had killed him. They even tried to file a lawsuit against him.

Kathleen McCormack Murder Case: Was Anyone Arrested?

Robert Durst was arrested for the murder of his wife, Kathleen McCormack.

However, he was charged almost after 40 years of her disappearance. At the same time, he was already found guilty of killing his friend, Susan Berman.

After a few days of his verdict, the real estate magnate was charged with the murder of his first wife as well.


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