Many people on the internet are asking about Allison Coleman, who is reported to be dead because of the vaccine. 

Covid-19 vaccines are now approved for children aged 5-11 years in Australia. The government has begun distributing the jab from January 2022, reports NSW.

As the vaccine distribution began, rumors about a seven-year-old kid dying as she got vaccinated have circulated on the web.

Netizens Questions About Allison Coleman Death Because Of Vaccine

Allison Coleman is a seven-year-old kid whose death report has made netizens question the Pfizer vaccine approved for children aged 5-11 years. Several Facebook posts suggest that the kid has died after getting the jab.

The vaccine was made available in January 2022. According to health experts, COVID-19 vaccines assist the immune system in protecting against severe sickness and possible long-term damage.

Some claim that vaccination also protects friends, family, and the community by preventing the illness from spreading. Thus, in Australia, the Pfizer (Comirnaty) children’s vaccine is the COVID-19 vaccine authorized for children aged 5 to 11 years.

The dose is around 1/3 of what it is for those under 12 for persons over 12. The vaccine will be administered to children in two doses, given eight weeks apart.

Although there is no official news about any side effects or death reported after the children were vaccinated, some rumors about the death of seven years old.

Why Is There No Death News Of Allison Coleman?

Internet users have been asking if Allison Coleman’s death news is accurate why it is not getting any media attention. A user on Facebook shared a photo of a seven-year-old girl and claimed that she died due to getting the Pfizer vaccine.

However, there is no official media outlet that has covered the news. Thus, we cannot confirm if the information is accurate or not. In addition, many other people wish that it would turn out to be fake news.

What Happened To Allison Coleman?

According to some people, Allison Coleman has passed away after getting covid vaccine dose in NSW. As per the post, she was vaccinated on 11 January.


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