Buffalo, Brian Blessing’s death cause is not yet revealed. His family must be devasted still and might speak later on his death cause.

The family member of Brian Blessing confirmed about his death that he passed away. He died in his home in Las Vegas on Sunday, 9 January 2022.

He lived out West still doing what he loved, he was one of the personalities for the hockey hotline with the Vegas Golden Knights and Sportsbook radio.

Buffalo: Brian Blessing Death Cause

Brian Blessing was announced to be dead by her family. Besides, Matt Youmans in Las Vegas shared the news of his passing where he used to work in the sports betting business.

During the early 90s and 2000s, Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres coverage on the Empire Sports Network. After every Sabres game, they air Hockey Hotline for more than a year.

They feature former Sabres defenceman Mike Robitaille and studio host Brian Blessing. The journalist is not featured on the Wikipedia page. The host is active on Twitter.

The cause of his death was not revealed yet. His sudden demise has been shocked his fan and followers. The death of the legend is the loss to the industry.

His details are not known. There is not much information on his family and early life. His academic qualification and other details are not known.

What Was Brian Blessing Age At The Time Of His Death?

Brian Blessing was born in 1957 which, makes him 64 of age. However, his exact birth date and month are not known. He was a person who held a nice personality.

He was associated with Buffalo sports media for 25 years before leaving Las Vegas where he worked for Sportsbook Radio and Vegas Hockey Hotline for the Vegas Golden Knights.

His friends and family must be devasted with the news of his passing. We also extend our tribute to the legend and may almighty guide him to heaven.

Know About Brian Blessing Wife And Net Worth

Brian Blessing’s estimated net worth is around $ 2 million which, he left behind to his successor after his death. His primary income source seemed to be his profession.

He was a reporter and journalist. Besides, there is no information on whether he was involved in any other business or invested in any projects. His other assets are not known.

Brian loved the game of hockey and football, where he made a long career out of sports media. He is a married person but, there is no information on his wife.


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