The Chrysler TikTok Video is about a drive-thru worker’s interaction with a customer. It has recently gone viral.

Tiktok is widely known as a platform for video sharing. There’s no denying that videos with original content have a high chance of going viral.

The same thing has happened with random footage of customer interaction, which was shared on January 12, 2021. Continue to know more.

What Is Chrysler TikTok Video About?

Chrysler TikTok Video, which is currently trending on social media shows a customer interaction with a drive-thru worker.

The video circulated on the Internet on January 12, 2022. It has been shared by the Tiktok user named @informedpath.

However, we do not know whether he was the one who had filmed the footage.

For now, the video shared by the @informedpath has gained a massive 11 million views. Likewise, it has received reactions from 2.1 million users.

More than 45.6 thousand Tiktokers have commented on the footage.

The uploader has kept “Burger King Employee vs. Lady” as the caption for the clip. The employee and the customer get into an argument.

Furthermore, the video was recorded at the Burger King drive-thru located in Chicago. Below is where we’ve detailed their conversation.

Chrysler TikTok Video: Twitter Viral Footage Of Customer Interaction Explained

The Chrysler TikTok Video ie the viral Footage Of Customer Interaction has been a talking point on Twitter as well.

As seen in the video, a lady customer tries to ask the burger king employee his name and number.

Meanwhile, the Burger King employee replies in a very rude way. He says: “No you’re not getting my name”.

Soon the argument becomes way more intense. The employee says: ” Do you think I give a F**** about this job, NO, I don’t, I am on my own”.

The lady customer then replies saying: “That’s not the way you talk to people”. They further talk about calling the police and all.

The employee replies saying: “you about to make me call the police & I don’t even like them”

Before the clip gets over, the two also argue about coupons. Nevertheless, the argument seemed hilarious to millions of people.

Fans Reaction To The Chrysler TikTok Video

Fans have reacted to The Chrysler TikTok video in different ways. Some are supporting the lady, while people also think the employee was right.

People have commented: “I hope bro didn’t get fired”. Another commentator says: “Bro needs a raise”

@AmalShal27 has shared the video on Twitter. She captions: “GOOD 4 HIM. THEY DON’T PAY ENOUGH FOR HUMANS TO TAKE THIS BULLSHT. #CHRYSLER “

Similarly, @turtle MF on Tiktok has commented: “she getting mad over 5.97”.

Another user says: “It’s only $5.97, at this point she is just looking for a problem. Bro doesn’t get paid enough to give a damn, just use the coupon another time”.


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