Is Danny Cipriani the England rugby player accused of rape? His wife has released a statement defending him.

An England Rugby union player got arrested on suspicion of raping a teenage girl who was allegedly drugged. A flock of tabloids and journalists arrived at England Rugby union player Danny Cipriani’s home on January 12, 2022.

Cipriani is an English rugby union player who plays fly-half and fullback for Premiership Rugby side Bath. He played for the England National team from 2008 to 2018 and was capped for them 16 times.

Who Is The England Rugby Player Accused Of Rape?

The England rugby player accused of rape got arrested. The press released the news about a rugby player and his partner on suspicion of se*xual offenses, reports Ruck.

The player involved in the case is not believed to be a part of Eddie Jones’ last England squad. But, the England boss might have been instructed about the incident and told not to answer questions related to it under any condition.

People assumed Danny Cipriani and his wife, Victoria, might be related to the case. They took the wild guess as she is the same age as the woman in the case. Neither Cipriani nor his wife got arrested.

The police officers got called on Sunday, January 9, around 11 am to report a se*ual assault on a female. As per the reports, a woman in her late teens was se*ually assaulted, and she was allegedly drugged.

England Rugby Player Danny Cipriani Wife Released A Statement

England Rugby player Danny Cipriani’s wife, Victoria Cipriani, released an emotional statement on Twitter confirming he had nothing to do with the case. She wrote that several journalists turned up outside her house in the morning, which caused her huge distress.

Victoria presumed that journalists made a wild guess as she is the same age as the woman who got reported in the stories about the incident. She called it completely unwarranted and unacceptable as the couple had nothing to do with the reported case.

Danny’s wife claims to know nothing about the case as they do not have anything to do it. She revealed that the press came to the wrong place and asked them to leave the couple alone.

Is It Chris Ashton?

The police officers have not revealed if the accused England rugby player is Chris Ashton. Further information about the case will soon be released by the authorities.

The rumors about Danny getting arrested for the rape are false, as he had nothing to do with the case. Both the arrested people are released on bail, and the investigation is still going on.


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